How to Prevent Wrinkles in Cotton Clothes

Getting wrinkles after washing and drying cotton clothes is a common problem, as many of us face this issue in day to day life. Due to these crumples and wrinkles cotton clothes lose all their grace after washing or drying. As a result of this, life of cotton fabric also reduces and people have to dump their favourite clothing after just few washes. Therefore, it is said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” To prevent wrinkles in cotton clothes you will find some useful tips in this guide, which will not only stop the wrinkles from appearing, but you would not also feel need to iron them.

Things require to prevent wrinkles in cotton clothes:

– Washing Machine
– Dryer
– White Vinegar
– 3 or 4 Tennis Balls


  • 1

    Use White Vinegar While Washing:

    When the final rinse cycle is taking place in the washing machine, pour one cup of white vinegar in it by lifting the lid simply. White vinegar is poured in the washing machine because it has reputation to keep the fibres of the cotton clothes flexible and soft so the wrinkles do not appear.

  • 2

    Rinse the Clothes Immediately After Final Washing Cycle:

    To avoid the wrinkles you should remove the clothes immediately from the washing machine after the final cycle comes to an end. Shake each cotton cloth after taking it out of the washing machine, as this exercise will not allow the wrinkles to develop.

  • 3

    Put Less Clothes in Dryer:

    Also keep this in mind that do not stuff the dryer with clothes because it not only increases the drying time, but also cause wrinkles because clothes fail to open up in this stuffed machine. Therefore, it gives plenty of space to your cotton clothes so they could not only move freely in the dryer, but also remain wrinkle free.

  • 4

    Use Couple of Tennis Balls While Washing:

    You can also prevent wrinkles in a dryer, if you throw in three or four tennis balls in this machine before running it. In this way balls will keep bouncing during the dry cycle and be of assistance in removing the wrinkles from the cotton clothes.

  • 5

    Remove Clothes from Dryer Immediately After Last Cycle:

    However, putting the tennis balls alone in the dryer is not enough to ensure wrinkle free clothes, as you have to take out the cotton clothes from it immediately after the dry cycle stops otherwise the wrinkles will set in. Shake each clothing item, after removing it from the dryer to avoid any wrinkles.

  • 6

    Keep them Hanging for a While:

    While folding the cotton clothes smooth each of them with your hand. However, hanging is considered a better option than folding, but still you need to smooth the garments with hands right after suspending them.

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