A Day in the Life of a Rodeo Clown

A rodeo clown’s job is more than just looking goofy and performing comedy routines. There is a very real dangerous side to this job. RODEO CLOWNS must keep themselves and others in the ring safe while keeping a crowd of onlookers entertained.

There are three types of RODEO CLOWNS. The first is simply categorized as “the clown.” This person distracts the bull after the rider has fallen. This RODEO CLOWN also entertains the audience between stunts with physical comedy routines and jokes. The second type of clown is called “the barrel man”. A barrel man sits inside barrels and pops up to taunt the bull. The third RODEO CLOWN is “the bullfighter”. The bullfighter draws the bull away from a rider that has been tossed. This type of clown involves more bull handling than the others. All RODEO CLOWNS wear the typical uniform of a clown costume, including makeup.

Each type of RODEO CLOWN has its specialty, but they are all very similar. No matter what kind of RODEO CLOWN a person is, there are two main components of the job. Those two components are to keep the audience entertained and to keep angry bulls away from the riders that have bucked.

The job of a clown is to entertain an audience with humor. RODEO CLOWNS have to come up with their own routines, jokes, props and costumes. RODEO CLOWNS must have charisma and comic timing. Physical humor is a large part of the clown’s job. The funnier the RODEO CLOWNS are, the more jobs they will have offered to them.

Fearlessness and athleticism are very important to become a RODEO CLOWN. RODEO CLOWNS have to be willing to put themselves in between a charging bull and a fallen cowboy. RODEO CLOWNS do get hurt when they are working. If this job hazard causes any hesitation on the part of the RODEO CLOWN, both the clown and the cowboy could be seriously injured.

There is no degree required to be a RODEO CLOWN, but extensive training will be needed. Most RODEO CLOWNS were rodeo performers at one time. This provided them with the knowledge of bull handling. There are many rodeo schools that will train students to become RODEO CLOWNS. This is the safest and most informative way to learn the profession. RODEO CLOWN students learn not only how to handle the bull, but also how to perform comedy routines and apply their clown makeup.

An understanding of business will also be necessary to earn money as a RODEO CLOWN. Most RODEO CLOWNS are self-employed, so they need to negotiate their fee, expenses covered, and write or sign a contract explaining the agreed upon terms of employment. Some rodeo schools will include this in RODEO CLOWN training, but if the school does not, there are other ways to gain this knowledge. Attending seminars or taking business classes at a college or university will prove helpful.

The salary of a RODEO CLOWN varies from performer to performer because clowns are generally paid on a freelance basis. The amount of jobs RODEO CLOWNS accept and the price charged for services will determine how much money is earned in a year. This annual salary can work out to be between $40,000 and $90,000. Most RODEO CLOWNS must cover the cost of their travel expenses and equipment. These charges can add up and make a big impact on a RODEO CLOWNS yearly salary. For example, a reinforced aluminum barrel, which is used in the ring to hide from the bull, can cost $1,000.

The job outlook for a RODEO CLOWN is good. As long as the rodeo is still running, RODEO CLOWNS will be needed. The rodeo has been around for a long time and people’s interest in it shows no signs of slowing down. Rodeo shows can be found all over the United States, but they are most popular in the western and southwestern areas of the country. The states in these areas will provide more opportunities for a RODEO CLOWN than other states.

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