How to Remove Shine from Iron on Clothes

People iron their clothes in order to enhance their appearance. A person seems well mannered and organized if he wears ironed shirt or trouser. Overall, ironing gives the fabric more professional look. However, if you let iron stay on your clothes, it will damage fabric fibres and will lead to grumpy and shiny marks. Remember that forced marks cannot be removed from garments whereas mild scorch marks can be.

Things Required:

– Cloth
– White distilled vinegar
– 1 tbsp. Hydrogen peroxide
– Household ammonia
– ¼ cup chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach


  • 1

    Remove scorching from the garment

    First you need to soak the piece of cloth in the distilled vinegar. The use this saturated cloth to dissolve and get rid of the stubborn shiny stain. You need to minimize the scorching as much as possible.

  • 2

    Rinse with lukewarm water

    After removing the scorching, you need to drain out the distilled vinegar. You can do this by rinsing the garment with lukewarm water.

  • 3

    Use hydrogen peroxide and ammonia

    In case the shiny stain is still present on the garment, use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with household ammonia to remove the scorching. Take 1 tbsp. of hydrogen peroxide and two drops of ammonia. Add these on the scorched fabric.

  • 4

    Let it stay on the stain for an hour

    After adding hydrogen peroxide and ammonia on the crusty fabric, you need to leave it for almost 60 minutes. Make sure the stain is kept wet. In case it starts to dry then you need to add hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

  • 5

    Rinse with lukewarm water again

    Now you need to rinse your stained garment again with lukewarm water. This is to drain out hydrogen peroxide and ammonia completely from your garment.

  • 6

    Wash the garment

    In order to decrease scorch stains further, you need to launder the garment. Wash the stained cloth in a washing machine and use hot water. Add ¼ cup of chlorine bleach if the garment is white. In case your stained clothed is coloured, you can use oxygen bleach.

  • 7

    Let it air dry

    In the end, let the garment air dry. In case the stain still appears, you can do nothing ot remove it.

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