How to Sell Art at an Art Gallery

Every artist aspires to be able to sell their art at an art gallery, being able to get someone to actually buy your work at a gallery is rather amazing. In fact, as an artist it just doesn’t get any bigger than that.

You may have a degree in art, and consider yourself an art major, but until you don’t manage to get some of your work sold at an art gallery, which results in you making money, you just aren’t a profitable artist.

Now, in order to be able to sell you work, you are going to have to find an art gallery, and hope for them to sell your work for you.


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    Find an art gallery

    The first step to being able to sell your work at an art gallery is to find one. Now this doesn’t mean that you just go out there and find any gallery. This actually means that you need to step out there and find a gallery that is willing to display your work for you, and one that seems like it is one where a number of people will come visit.

    Finding the right art gallery is very important, since getting your work displayed at a bad gallery might end with you making half as money as you could make.

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    Display best work at gallery

    Now that you have gotten yourself enlisted with the gallery, and you now have space assigned for your work. You need to go on and display your very best work out there.

    Make sure that you take the pieces that you think will be sold for a good price, as opposed to those that you think no one might be interested in.

    Selecting the right work is very important, since it would make or break the sales for you.

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    Hustle potential customers

    Now the last step is to capture an audience and gain their interest. You can do this by pretending to be a potential customer yourself, and then talking highly of your own pieces. This is going to get everyone to pay more attention to your work, and as a result, they are going to be able to then enter a bidding war over the art work.

    This is going to lead to you making far more money that you initially imagined, and you could end up being richer than you thought you would ever be.

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