How to Sell Your Magic Cards

Magic cards, also known as Magic the Gathering cards, are being used since 1990’s when they were first introduced by Wizards of the Coast. The story told in Magic cards is based on the very popular Magic the Gathering books.

Over the past decade, Magic cards have gathered more and more followers. People collect Magic cards because the artwork on these cards is very fascinating and majority Magic card collectors also either trade or sale them regularly. To keep the game evolving, at least once every year, new expansions and Magic card sets are released.

If you happen to have a collection of Magic cards sets or single Magic cards that you have been planning to sell lately, you will find plenty of places to do so.


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    The first thing you need to do is to determine a fair selling price for your Magic cards. An important thing that you need to keep in mind is that just like any other market, magic cards market also has its peeks and plummets. You will have the best shot at getting a good price for your cards if you sell them when more people are looking to buy them.

    In case you do not know what selling price would be reasonable, try going through Beckett’s exclusive Magic cards magazine.

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    Now you need to look for potential buyers. Browsing the internet is the best way. There are a number of websites such as Cardkingdom and Starcitygames where you can put your magic cards up for sale. Advertise on these websites that you are looking to sell you Magic cards.

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    Go to the official website of The Wizards of the Coast. You will find a list of shops that deal in Magic cards. Note down the addresses and contact numbers of the Magic cards shop that are nearby. Ask these shops if they are willing to buy the magic cards from you. Remember that you will get a better price if you sell the cards to a fellow collector instead of selling them at a shop.

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    Online auctions are another place where you can sell your magic cards. In an online auction, you will have better chances of coming across a buyer who is looking for a particular card to complete his collection and you may happen to have that card, in which case you have chances of getting the best possible price.

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