How to Trim and Shape Your Eyebrows

Beautiful and well contoured shape of the eyebrows makes the eyes more expressive. Therefore, you should regularly shape up eyebrows and remove excess hair if needed.

Shaping up eyebrows with tweezers could be a very unpleasant procedure, accompanied by pain, redness and irritation of the skin. However, all this can be avoided if you learn how to pull out eyebrows correctly.

Unfortunately not everyone has been blessed with beautiful eyebrows. Girls often pay much attention to eye make-up, forgetting that the eyebrows also require care and can play an important role in creating a fine image.


  • 1

    To begin the process, prepare the workplace. You should have enough space and light to see what you are doing. Eyebrows grow slowly. So, it is better to take care of everything in advance.

  • 2

    Prepare a soothing herbal broth, then soak a cotton ball in it and apply to the skin around the eyebrows. It is recommended to do this before removing hair.

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    Determine an ideal eyebrow shape for your face. They should not be too thin and too wide, short and long. The perfect eyebrow starts above the inner corner of your eye and ends on the extreme point of the cheekbones.

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    In order to determine the ideal shape of your eyebrows, apply a pencil vertically on the corner of the eyes. Begin the process by drawing the line at a distance of approximately one inch from the inner corner of the eye to the nose.

  • 5

    Pull out the hair one by one. Make quick and sharp movements in the direction of growth. Grab every hair from the base. Eyebrow hair located on the left side should be carefully removed with the help of tweezers.

  • 6

    To draw beautiful eyebrows, try to make them symmetrical.  Very gently and carefully apply the shade and draws contours. If you do not have enough time, it is best not to use the pencil.

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