How to Upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus

Yahoo Mail Plus is another paid service of Yahoo which has converted this free email service into a modified version by introducing new features. You can follow this guide to help you upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus. In November 2002, this service introduced 9 awe-inspiring features which are mentioned below:

– 25 megabytes storage
– 10 megabyte message size
– 10 files per email attachments
– Forwarding and POP Access
– Offline access to email messages
– Other email domains
– 50 filters along with 200 blocked addresses
– Messages will not contain any promotional taglines
– No expiry


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      Turn your computer or laptop on and make sure that the operating system has properly loaded. Find your internet browser icon and click on it. Once your internet browser is open visit Yahoo’s home page and log in to your account.

    • 2

      On the top left side of the page select ‘Help’ form the option.

    • 3

      From the drop down menu select ‘Mail Plus’. Make sure that you configure your new account accordingly so that you can make effective use of this upgraded service.

    • 4

      A new tab will open which contains a video explaining the main features of Yahoo, along with detailed explanations of each characteristics of Yahoo Mail Plus.

      On the right side of the page, option of ‘Upgrade’ is present, click it and your Yahoo Mail will get upgraded. Enjoy the fastest and efficient service of Yahoo Mail Plus. You will have to enter some payment options as well as this is a paid upgrade so you may need to use your credit or debit card to take advantage of this excellent upgrade.

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      Upgrading to Yahoo Mail Plus is not that difficult but you can sometimes face various issues trying it. Be sure to check the 'Help' section in Yahoo mail for assistance if you face any type of issues try to upgrade your Yahoo mail. If you do not find what you are looking for then you can always go online and find a forum that deals with Yahoo mail. You will find many good tricks and tips that can definitely help you get the job done quickly. Post your own questions if you need some personalised help from an expert user. Also, take some time and read through various posts on forums to see if your problem has already been taken care of. Just copy the steps given in the posts and you should not have any difficulties while trying to update to Yahoo Plus.

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