Steps to Become a Chef

Chef is a person who cooks food and present in an artistic way to people. It mainly refers to highly skilled professional who is skilled in all aspects of food preparation. It takes many years to earn the fame in this field and with the exceptions of only few celebrity chefs, the income level is average. An experienced and well known chef may earn more than $100,000 per hour whereas a small chef may bag only $10 per hour.


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    Get exposure in this field

    Try to work in a kitchen where you can easily get a job or internship. It may be kitchen of your dream or any fast food restaurants. Main motive behind this is that you get some experience in this field and you yourself will get know how about this line. You can asses that weather you want to opt this field or not after getting used to conditions and equipments etc.

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    Practice at home

    Try to make different dishes at home. Practice a lot. You can download recipes from internet and try different things.

    Ignore if anything goes wrong as you are practicing and getting better.

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    Have passion for food

    You need to have passion for food to become a successful chef. Some chefs love to teach their other about their love for food. They will share their knowledge and experience with employees who wish to learn. However, the other types of executive chefs are loyal in their love for food only. They don’t share their knowledge with others. If there is a training programme near your house then don’t waste the opportunity.

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    Specialize in food you love

    Try to get full grip on the recipes and procedures of the food you love. Also learn food which people prefers more in restaurants and cafes.

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    Get a strong grip on your knife

    You need to have a strong grip over your knife. You need to practice working and cutting things quickly with it.

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    Get cookery books

    Apart from getting recipes from internet, you should also get some cooking books written by top chefs. You can either purchase them or borrow from family or friends.  Kitchen Confidential and The Professional Chef are two great books from the Culinary Institute of America which you may want to put on your shelf.

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    Go to cooking school

    You can join a cooking school to get more training and know more about this field. You can opt for a French training-based course and you can also try on the job training.

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