How to Get a Job as a News Anchor

Most people consider the job of news anchor as being very easy, which is definitely not the case. In order to be a news anchor, a person must have a lot of confidence, quick wits and decent looks. Not to mention, it is important that a news anchor should have a smiling face and he/she should be aware of how they should react in a particular situation. If you want to be on television, have a flair for news and are up for a challenge then getting a job as a news anchor might be a good career choice for you.


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    Start an internship

    The most important thing is to obtain a degree in journalism as most internships are offered to students who are going to obtain a degree in the relevant field. You are free to choose any type of journalism that you like. After completing your degree, you should look for an internship in the local television channel or cable network. For an intern, it should be kept in mind that most are expected to do things that their employees do not like doing themselves.

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    Build a complete resume

    After your internship programme, you must build a complete resume that has all of your educational and work experience. It is a good idea to build a portfolio that you can attach any assignments along with a DVD of your work that was done in front of the camera. It is important that you should not drag the stuff in your resume and stick to the point. In addition, you should try to identify the person who will shortlist the candidates from their resume and will call for an interview.

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    Wait for response

    After you have applied to numerous organisations, it is important that you should wait for at least a week to get a response. The hiring process varies from company to company but in most cases, a potential candidate gets shortlisted within the first week.

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    Identify your area of expertise

    It is very important that you discover your area of expertise. Working as a news anchor does not mean that you will be given the nightly news on a top rated channel from the start. You have to work your way up and to effectively do this, you will need to focus on your strengths.

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    Work hard

    Even if the employer is not giving you much of an opportunity, you should try to go the extra mile and work hard. Try to impress your employer for the possible chance of advancement. Remember, the harder you work, the better your chances of getting ahead.

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