Things to do in Las Vegas, U.S

Las Vegas is the most populous city in the United States’ state of Nevada. It is the most famous city in the world when it comes to gambling and shopping. The city is also referred to as the entertainment capital of the world and its casinos are a source of an endless entertainment indeed. People from all over the world love to travel to Las Vegas but not all of them know what a beautiful City LV is. There are a number of things that must be done while on the visit to Las Vegas in order to truly enjoy the time in the entertainment capital of the world.


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    Bellagio Casino and Fountains should be on the top of the do list while travelling to Las Vegas. Every day at specific times, the middle of the desert explodes with over 1000 water sprinters shooting the water up to around 500 feet in the air giving the look of the heaven. After the fountains, a trip to Bellagio Casino must be made.  The Casino and hotel are very expensive but even if one does not have the money to spent, a one hour visit is not a bad idea. Checking out the Fine Art Gallery at Bellagio would please the visitors to great extent and while in Las Vegas, Bellagio Casino and Fountains should not be missed.

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    If you are in Vegas and you do not get to do Breakfast Buffet at the Wynn, you missed one of the main attractions of the city. There are not many places in Vegas where top quality food is served, mostly because of the reason that the City is more into gambling than eating. Hence a breakfast buffet at the Wynn is must.

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    Whether you are a fan of sea life or not, you cannot miss a visit to Shark Reef Aquarium while on a tour to Las Vegas. The aquarium at Mandalay costs $16 and after visiting that place you will know that the price is very cheap for such an amazing place. There you can find a number of sea species including sea turtles, crocodiles, sharks, and not to mention, komodo dragons.

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    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, less than 20 miles west of Las Vegas, offers visitors a view of the natural landscape of the city. For people who love to hike or travel, this presents a perfect opportunity to spend an evening. With all its flair and gambling, this part of Las Vegas is a totally different picture.

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