What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog

There might come a time in your life when you come across a lost dog. A lost dog will usually be scared and frightened. You should try to make it feel comfortable before you look for the owner. Follow some simple guidelines to help you learn what to do if you find lost dog.

Things Required:

– Lost dog or puppy
– Dog food or puppy food
– Collar and id tag
– Water
– Flyers
– Blanket
– Cardboard Box


  • 1

    Watch out for the collar and id tag

    If you find a dog with a collar and id tag, you should read the address and return the dog to its owner. You should get the information about the owner call him or her to let them know that you have found their dog and that it is safe. If possible you might want to take the dog personally to address given on the id tag.

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    Figure out the dog’s age

    It is a good idea to figure out the lost dog's age. There will be more chances that a collar will be on the dog and you can find out its age by simply checking it. In case you can’t find any collar or id tag, you will have to estimate the approximate age of the dog.

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    Get supplies from stores

    After finding a dog, you need to quickly visit a store for supplies. In case you found a puppy, you need to buy a lot of dog food as they have a huge appetite. In addition to food items, you need to buy bed, a fuzzy blanket and cardboard box. You should also get a chew toy as puppies love to chew anything they get. In case you find an adult dog, you only need to buy food items as they are easy to take care of.

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    Settle the dog

    You are required to find a comfortable place where the lost dog can stay and rest until you have found its owner. A couch can be a great option for this purpose. Try to give as much attention to the lost dog as possible as it might be feeling uneasy and scared. Place some food and water in front of the lost dog so that it can regain some strength.

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    Find the owner or keep it

    After the dog is settled, you can find the owner by making flyers or posting ads in the newspaper. In case it is a puppy, you can decide to keep and raise it is nobody comes forward to claim it. You can also decide to call the animal care centre and donate the dog.

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