10 Steps to Making an Embellished Candle

There’s nothing hotter right now than candles, and these embellished candles are very easy to make.

1. First things first, you need to decide what kind of candles to use. Tall and wide pillar candles work well for this project, but some prefer using a shorter candle. You also need to decide what color of candle to use. White typically works well, as do any lighter colors, but depending on the color of your paper, you may be able to use a darker color.

2. Next you need to decide on the type of paper to use. This paper will be used on top of the candle, so you want colors that compliment each other. Almost any type of paper can be used, from tissue paper, to napkins.

3. Now its time to gather up all the materials you will need for this project.



-fast, clear drying glue

-an iron




4. Start by laying out your paper onto a flat surface. Lay the candle on top of the fabric, and mark where the edges of the candle are. The paper will wrap around the candle completely, so pay attention to these marks.

5. Cut out the paper using the scissors, and following the marks you used in the last step. You can also use an X-acto knife, or straight edge razor to make the lines more even.

6. Compare the paper you just cut, to the size of the candle to ensure a proper fit. Are there uneven edges, or any overlap? If so, try cutting the paper again.

7. It’s now time to apply the glue, using your paintbrush. The easiest way to do this, is to lay the paper flat and paint a small section of glue onto the candle. Press the candle to the paper, and roll softly to alleviate any air bubbles. Work in small sections until the paper covers the candle completely.

8. If the edges of your paper overlap slightly on the candle, use a straight edge razor to trim them until they match. These is an easy step that makes your candle look more professional and put together.

9. Plug in your iron, and set it on warm. Hold the candle in one hand, or let is sit upright on a flat surface, and the iron in the other. Slowly run the iron over the surface of the candle, making sure to cover every area. Be sure to only keep the iron in one place for a few seconds. You want to make sure the paper sticks to the candle, not that the candle melts.

10. Let the candle sit for 30-45 minutes, to give the wax time to dry. You can then add anything you want to finish off the candle; ribbon, seashells, even beads!

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