3 Reasons to Buy a Modular Home Over a Stick-built

The word “Modular Home” seems to bring an ugly picture into many people’s minds. This could be for many reasons. Some people remember the modular homes built in the 1970’s and how poor the quality was. Other people think modular homes are mere mobile homes with a fancier name. I am here to show you that if you find a legitimate Modular Home company that builds to state codes, there are several reasons to buy over a stick-built home.

For many families, price is the main consideration in the construction of a house. Modular homes are comparatively cheaper than stick-built homes. On average, a modular home costs between $70-$80 per square foot to build. This includes the plumbing and foundation work. A stick built home costs around $100 per square foot to build. Modular homes are able to keep costs down for a couple of reasons. Homes are built in a factory on a factory line. This means the construction is very efficient and much less time consuming than stick-built homes. Also, Modular Home companies produce so many houses per year, they tend to get bulk pricing on their materials. This is somewhere Stick-built contractors find hard to compete.

If you find a reputable Modular Home company that builds to state codes, the quality is unmatched. Modular homes are built to drive down the highway at 60 miles per hour to be delivered to your building site. They are built in a weather controlled environment without the effects of rain and snow. Modular Homes meet or exceed the quality of most stick-built homes. For example, many modular homes build with 8″ sidewalls. Try to find 8″ sidewalls in any stick-built home. I would be surprised if you could find one.

The time it takes to build and deliver a modular home is unmatched by any stick-built home. It can take as little as 1 month to as much as 4 months to receive a livable modular home. Most stick-built homes will take a minimum of 6 months, and some go over the 1 year mark to build. Not only is this more convenient for the buyer, but it also saves money. The less time it takes you to build a house, the less money in interest you will spend on a construction loan.

As more and more people become aware of the price, quality, and time benefits of modular homes, more and more of them pop up all over the country. If you find a reputable Modular home company, I can think of no reason to build any other type of home. Modular homes are the homes of the future.

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