4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean when You Have Pets

I love having pets, and throughout my life I’ve had both canine and feline companions. Right now, I have one adult female cat, a rescue that I adopted several years ago. She’s been a wonderful addition to the family, but I’ll be honest: She makes a mess! From the fur she sheds, to the hairballs she throws up, to the litter she tracks everywhere, it’s a constant battle to keep my home clean. Over time, I’ve learned several valuable tips that make the job much easier:

Tip #1: Buy Lots of Pet Beds
Pet owners often buy only one pet bed for their dog or cat, but this is a mistake. Not only do pet beds make your animal feel more secure and comfortable, they’re also excellent at capturing the fur your pet would otherwise shed all over your home. So, don’t be stingy. Buy three or four pet beds, or as many as needed, and place them in each of your pet’s favorite spots. Once a week, run them through the laundry to remove the fur buildup along with any pet smells. Both you and your pet will appreciate the freshly cleaned beds.

Tip #2: Use Folded Blankets
Some pets just don’t like pet beds. For these animals, place folded blankets in their favorite resting spots instead. Like the beds, blankets act as a barrier, protecting your rugs, sheets and furniture from collecting fur or absorbing smells. They can be washed as often as needed and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them, either. Many big-box retail stores sell child- or throw-sized blankets at very low prices. You can even buy them in styles and colors to match the décor of your home.

Tip #3: Dedicate a Vacuum Cleaner

Thanks to the many messes pets can make, including shedding fur everywhere, scattering litter all over the house, tearing apart pillows and turning over houseplants, your vacuum cleaner will take a real beating. Prevent this damage by keeping a smaller, less expensive vacuum that’s solely dedicated to pet cleanups. You’ll avoid putting the extra wear and tear on your larger, more valuable vacuum, and the pet vacuum’s lighter weight means it’ll be a snap for you to use as soon as your animal makes a mess.

Tip #4: Store Cleaning Supplies Together
Pets sometimes pee, poop or vomit where they shouldn’t. Thanks to hairballs, my beloved cat throws up at least once – and sometimes twice – a week. It’s gross! But, dealing with these more disgusting messes is part of pet ownership, so I’ve learned to make the best of a yucky situation. One great way to do this is to keep all of your pet cleaning supplies together in an easily accessible caddy. This way, when Fido makes a nasty mess on the carpet, you can grab that caddy and attack the mess before it even has a chance to set.

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