Is the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Worth the Money?

I recently purchased a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I admit, I was influenced by the commercials, featuring James Dyson, the inventor, claiming that the Dyson vacuum cleaner “never loses suction”. After struggling with my old vacuum for years, replacing belts numerous times, and having to take the whole thing apart to find clogs of dog hair, I decided it was time for a change. The Dyson seemed to be just what I wanted.

I was nervous. After all, the price of $399.00 was a lot for me to shell out for a vacuum cleaner. Since I am not one to buy things on credit, I had to save my money for several months before I could afford it. Once the money was saved, I still hesitated and almost bought a competitor’s model so I could save $100. Thanks to the internet, I was able to look up product reviews on-line for both vacuums, which convinced me that, even though it was $100 more, the Dyson was the better deal. A month later, I am more than happy with my decision to buy a Dyson for several reasons.

Cleaning Power

The Dyson has the strongest suction of any vacuum I have ever used. My first run through over my carpeted area showed me that I was living in filth up until this time. The carpet, which I had just vacuumed the day before and I felt was still reasonably clean, was now brand new looking. The clear bin on the Dyson vacuum was about a quarter full of dirt and dog hair. I also noticed that pieces of lint, instead of getting blown away by the vacuum’s exhaust, get sucked right into the Dyson, even from a few inches away.

My only regret is that I didn’t vacuum with my old vacuum immediately before using the Dyson for the first time. I’m sure I would have still seen a difference and the bin still would have had a considerable amount of dirt.

Emptying the Bin

The Dyson’s bin is extremely easy to empty. Simply remove the bin from the rest of the vacuum, hold it upright over the garbage can, and pull the trigger. The bottom of the bin opens up and the dirt and debris will drop into the garbage. There is no dirt and dust cloud as everything stays down in the garbage. This seems to be an improvement over the typical bagless vacuum on the market, which needs to be dumped into the garbage manually, creating a cloud of dust.

Bare-Floor Cleaning

In addition to cleaning carpets, the Dyson vacuum also has a setting for bare floors. This setting stops the brush bar from turning to protect bare floors and more delicate area rugs. The Dyson is just as effective on bare floors as it is on carpeted areas. With its strong suction, it cleans right up to the edges, where the floor meets the wall. My old vacuum left this area untouched because it didn’t have enough suction to pull in dirt that was not directly under its opening.


The Dyson is louder than the average vacuum. But, instead of a motor noise, it sounds more like a strong wind. I can hear the suction, as well as see it. My pets and my toddler are not afraid of the noise. With my old vacuum, my toddler would sit on the couch with his ears covered while I vacuumed and my cat would hide. The Dyson noise, though loud, is more gentle than the motor noise of my old vacuum.


The Dyson vacuum cleaner comes with three attachments; a brush tool, a stair tool, and a crevice tool. The tools all slide onto the end of the wand or the end of the hose easily. The crevice tool, the one I use the most, is wider than most crevice tools. I find that it does not fit into as many small crevices as my old vacuum’s crevice tool did. But, the suction is so strong, that it will often pull dust and hair out of a crevice anyway.

The Wand and Hose

The hose on the Dyson is clear, so it is easy to see where a clog would be, if you get one. It also extends very far, so you don’t have to try to lift the vacuum up the stairs to get each step. The hose will easily extend to the top of a flight of stairs, while the vacuum sits at the bottom. The wand can be used attached to the hose, or it can be removed in order to use the flexible hose by itself. The wand has a convenient handle to make vacuuming with it easy and comfortable and it can be attached to the hose two different ways, depending on where you want the handle placed for the cleaning job you are doing. The most interesting feature is that the vacuum will follow you, instead of tip over, when you have the hose extended.

I am satisfied with my Dyson vacuum cleaner and would recommend it to my friends and family. I believe this is a vacuum that I will have for many years, making it more cost effective than most other vacuums in the long run.

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