5 ridiculous lawsuits ever in the history

There is nothing to hide and no secrets to have within. We would have not been aware of some ridiculous people being prank and sue someone for something. Here are some 10 ridiculous lawsuits ever in the history.


  • 1

    Sexual Whiplash

    Whiplash is most likely considered as a serious injury in many cases however it takes away things very far and further. 27 years old young man from Michigan was riding his car and happened to encounter an accident, where another car drastically hit behind. The accident ended with a minor injury. Later after 4 years time, the person sued the other driver for changing his gender. He had become gay in the period of 4 years time and has even left his wife too. The most loathsome and revolting part of this story is that the man won the case and also got $200,000 from the opponent car driver.

  • 2

    Games making kids go violent

    Sometime before, there was a serious argument going about video games making children go violent. Linda Sanders and her bereaved family people who were victimized at the Columbine High School shooting victims chartered this case to the court. People who were already suffering on these losses gave their support together demanding $5 billion from the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry was asked to pay for the victims for creating devastating and violent games like Doom and Mortal Kombat.

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    Man kills dog

    You all might have remembered this case. Andrew Burnett was busy driving on the road of San Jose freeway in the year 2011 where he threw off Sara McBurnett’s dog driving in the busy traffic. Soon after this, he was arrested and reported for crime. Further they decided to sue both Mrs. McBurnett through the local newspaper for making them suffer out of mental stress and anxiety.

  • 4

    Man sues the American Bank for Trillion Dollars

    This is one of the most hot and recent lawsuit that has happened in the history. A person with the name Dalton Chiscolm planned to rob the Bank of America and make people to get into trouble. He sued around 1,784 trillion dollars. This wasn’t enough and the robber asked for $200,164,000. The judge gave some week time to Mr. Chiscolm to appear at the court with proper explanation, since he was out of the rock, the case was dismissed.

  • 5

    Ugliest divorce ever in the history

    During the year 2012, Jian Feng was blessed with a kid with his first wife. Upon seeing the just born kid, Jian was dismayed. He never thought of having such an ugly kid and also he couldn’t believe that his beautiful wife will give birth to such a horrifying kid. He turned suspicious.

    He later found that the beautiful face of his wife was a due of £62,000 worth plastic surgery. He further disagreed to live together with his wife and applied for divorce. This was the ever ugliest divorce in the history.

    Feng said that, he married his wife out of real love but she has betrayed me with her false surgery face. He sued stating that the girl has fooled and tricked him to marry and of course the case won.

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