9 Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face

Are you not confident over your heart-shaped face? It is simple to identify heart-shaped faces as they are the ones with wider forehead, hairline and cheekbones. Moreover, they get thinner downward to a narrow mouth and chin. Now, if you think that you have a round face, then finding the best hairstyle can be a tricky task for you.

However, it is not a problem for you anymore as this simple article contains the top nine successful hairstyles that flatter your heart face shape very impressively. Styling your hair in the approved manner balances your pointed cheekbones and chin.


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    Long Piecey Bangs Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face

    Long Piecey Bangs can be very attractive on women with Heart Shaped Face. Bangs are necessary elements that lessen the width of your broad forehead, balancing your facial features. Make sure that you cut the bangs upright, rather than straight across, stopping between the eyelids and eyebrows. Let the side layers of your hair go straight to your neck, covering your pointed cheekbones.

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    Lob Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face

    The lob hairstyle is a classic choice for those who have round or heart shaped face, softening your strong jaw line. This hairstyle perfectly suits the women with medium hair. It covers major portion of your wide forehead and cheekbones. Blunt Lob haircut falls under the category of Lob hairstyles, which is super simple to carry and covers your pointed jawbones smartly. The Long-Layered Lob also suits round face. You can make this hairstyle with messy twists, braids, straight or wavy hair. Moreover, the Choppy Lob Hairstyle is another great choice to soften your hard lines. For a more relaxed day at gym, you can simply tie it up into a ponytail.

    Note: Do not go shorter with Lob hairstyles as it will become a bob and your will lose the versatileness in result.

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    Deep Side Part Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face

    Deep side part hairstyle is a nice and sexy style for women with heart shaped face. This gorgeous hairstyle brings all the emphasis to your cheekbones, opening your face up perfectly. Deep side part hairstyle suits women with short, medium and long hair. Part your hair on either right or left side in order to balance your look pointy look, making your face look thinner. Once you wear deep side part hairstyle, just seal it with fine quality hair spray in order to fix it in one position and to make your strands look just as gleaming.

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    Blunt Wispy Bangs Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face

    Blunt Wispy Bangs Hairstyles are absolutely flattering for the women with heart shaped face. Your blunt bangs will make your pointed chin softer as long as you keep them grazing and wispy on the sides of your cheekbones. The best possible way to carry this hairstyle is that just cut your bangs at your eyebrows and blend them with some wispy layers in the front.

  • 5

    Loose Waves Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face

    Loose Waves Hairstyles are a great look on heart shaped women. This amazing hairstyle is a superb choice for the women with long and medium hair. Loose Waves Hairstyles amazingly draw attention to your strong jaw, without looking uninviting. You can achieve great bounciness by using curing roller from the mid length of your to the ends, covering major portion of your pointed jawbones and chin. Loose Waves Half Up-do is another great option for you as it is one among the hottest hairstyles for women with hear shaped face.

  • 6

    Face-framing layered Hairstyle for Heart Shaped Face

    Face-framing layered Hairstyle is another great choice for heart shapes faces. It looks like a Deep Side Part Hairstyle but it is a bit different. Face-framing layered Hairstyle smoothly covers your wide forehead and the pointed cheekbones, falling diagonally across your face and hiding pointed angles. If you want to keep your layers modern, then to coax them in right towards you face with the help of a straightener (flatiron) or round brush rather than flipping them out. Face-framing layered Hairstyle is best for the round faced women with medium hair. However, the women with thicker medium hair can better reduce the extra bulkiness with the help of blending shears.

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    Sleek Crop Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face

    If you are one among the women with round heart shaped face and bold enough to show it off, then the Sleek Crop Hairstyle is the very right choice for you. Carrying this stylish and elegant hairstyle requires boldness as it might bring unwanted attention to your pointed cheekbones and chin. Sleek Crop Hairstyle is the accurate one for the women who love short hair cuts. Smooth your hair with a straightener and top it with a good quality texturizing cream.

  • 8

    Bouncy Bob Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face

    Bouncy Bob Hairstyles is one among the freaking hot hairstyles for the women with round and heart shaped face. It is superb haircut for the ones with lightweight (thinner) strands.   Simply wrap small sections of hair right around a one inch curling iron and let them fall freely all around your neck. Do not forget to apply a texturizing cream to your strands in order to keep them in shape.

    Note: Heart faced women with coarse or thick hair should better the Bouncy Bob Hairstyles.

  • 9

    Central Hair-part Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face

    Women with heart shaped face look extremely gorgeous in the Central Hair-part Hairstyles as they fantastically hide your pointed jawboned and wide temple - an area of face bit above your ears and a bit toward your eyes. The perfect place to start your Central Hair-part Hairstyle is the hairline area right above the middle of your nose. Ask your hair stylist to start your layer at the cheekbones for more flattering results on your heart shaped face. High-volume hair on top with layers on the side is an interesting trend for every heart face to try!

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