A Better Tommorow

She was feeling very low. Lying on her back on the Kovalam beach Kiran thought ” there is nothing left for her in life.” She didn’t know what to do next and felt like ending her life. Blankly!, She stared over the sea. Its waves rolling over. Thoughts of negetivity paved one after another.

Suddenly, she heard a bird’s screeches and the thought process got a jolt. She turned around to see a Sparrow on the tree a little far away, staring towards a crow sitting on another. The sparrow was sitting on the trunk trying to run off the crow to save something perhaps eggs in the nest. The crow on the other hand, attacking the sparrow to make her fly off. He attcked once more, – a little vociferously. The sparrow saved her life – flew to the adacent tree, only to look helplessly towards the crow. The crow moved in the nest and came out with an egg in his beak and fly off. The sparrow returned to her nest saw other eggs lying there. She stretched fer wings to start working and give warmth to the remaining eggs. For, there was hope of more life to bloom. The life must continue.

Kiran got up from the beach and started moving towards her appartment on the other side. Inspired and relieved, she thought, there is always hope for a better tommorow.

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