A Review of Brook’s Women’s Utopia Softshell II Jacket

How does…
  • Fit: Semi-fitted âÂ?¨
  • Windproof, water-resistant, breathable fabric âÂ?¨
  • Stretch, thermal fabric on side and neck panels âÂ?¨
  • Two side zip pockets and internal media pocket âÂ?¨
  • Cozy cuffs with thumbholes and flip-mitt âÂ?¨
  • 360Ã?° of retroreflectivity .

…sound to you? Those definitions are taken directly from the Women’s Utopia Softshell II manufacturer’s tag. I read it first, then I took a jog in it. Cold weather running is a whole different game than warm weather running. Staying comfortable, hydrated, and able to rock on each mile takes planning, practice and perseverance. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not for those wanting to just make a good show of looking good and being out there looking good. At it’s best, running, speed walking, and or any like-minded activity is serious exercise but demanding, satisfying work.

  • The folks at Brook’s Running know this.
  • And facts are, the quality of their products prove so.

The Women’s Utopia Softshell Jacket II

All the descriptions above well describe the product. Still, amazingly, they really lack being able to convey the exceptional, experiential quality offered all wrapped up in the garment. The jacket is superb; fit, function, and fashion as one unit completely, expertly engineered to work with the athlete in a unified flow of perfection. It tests out well with just a lightweight turtleneck at a chilly 40 degrees. I’ll write another article when the temperature drops below the freezing mark so stay tuned!

Jacket Fit

There’s not one little bit of what I’ll call, “Jacket Distraction.” In other words, no need to keep readjusting this or that area of the garment so that the focus is pulled away from the cohesiveness required to lose oneself in just moving comfortably. While the midsection fabric is flannel backed, water and wind-resistant; the sides, neck, and arm inserts are made from the thermal stretch fabric and move well but don’t creep up, restrict, or twist around.

Advanced Fabric Technologies

BROOK’S states, “With our advanced fabric technologies, moisture is banished and temperature is controlled for a run that’s always a pleasure. No detail was overlooked from welded, reflective weaming to a snuggly collar for a totally winterized workout.”

I was recently ask what I see to criticize in their products. And, honestly, in the first wearing there was nothing to criticize! In my MID-WINTER’S article I will be able to give more wear information on how the jacket feels in really cold weather. But for the present, there’s only praise and thanks to Brook’s for the care they take in providing running gear that is the best on the market.


Brook’s Run Happy University
Brook’s Running Responsibily Program

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