A Terrifying Encounter With Body Odor on the Bus

It was one of those nights! I’d recently contacted a friend via the net who calls me at a particular hour of every night. I always try to break an arm to get home before he calls. I don’t like taking calls at dark alleys. Too dangerous! Heard those bad boys inhabiting the place usually give one a blinding slap and while you are shouting and trying to know where the heck the slap came from, they would snatch your handset and fade into the darkness. I have to be careful. I know how long it took me to save before I bought my handset. I don’t give a crap that people call it ” pure water.”

In my haste to get home that fateful night, I jumped into a bus. Of course I had to stand, since all the seats were taken. I’m not particularly fond of buses because of the wacko and perverts. Perverts who deliberately rub their electric poles against a female ass. And when they want to alight, they use their elbow to brush the side of your boobs. Shameless men! It was a practical case of what would make my friend, Faith say,

“Look! Look! But you can’t touch!” Or ” Touch! Touch! But you can’t suck.” So why stress yourself by waking all those sleeping adrenaline and hormones? Not that such things happened only in buses. Why, just last week, I took a bus heading to North Carolina, and sat beside a young man, who looked very responsible. Dumb me! This experienced only confirmed how appearances could be deceptive. I was miles away in thought when I felt his hands trying to gain entry through my thighs into myâÂ?¦., you know what I’m talking about. Please don’t ask me where those slimy fingers were heading. Jeez! Does it mean if I dare open my legs wider, he’d poke his fingers into myâÂ?¦ The fool didn’t even mind my tight fitted trousers. Was he hoping for a miracle right in a moving bus?

I suddenly became conscious of the hand and disdainfully picked it off . And like an outraged virgin, I raised my voice. “Look here, keep your hands well. Keep it to yourself!” He scrambled off at the next stop. Some men are out of this world!
Anyway, I jumped into this bus. Inside was a book peddler. His books were $20. Boy, imagine selling $20 books at night! The man soon sidled up to where I was standing as he tried to advertise the book to those sitting at the back of the bus. Immediately he raised the book, I almost puked as a horrible stench assaulted my nose. I swear his armpit should have been called a latrine! Hello somebody, can’t I sue this guy arse for fouling the air with such body odour?
How do ladies make love to such men anyway? If there’s anything that could make me dry like a Sahara desert, no matter how wet I was before, it was to smell the stench from a guy’s body. Ugh!

Take for instance, I sweat a great deal and hate making love in that condition. What about you? I am very sensitive to my body smell and also about other people’s. I try to clean shave both my armpit and the lower region. Quite important. The other day, I was in a cab when I saw this pretty damsel. A sure sight for sore eyes. She had on a spaggetti top, showing off a beautiful skin. She jumped in beside me. When she raised her arm, I feared I was staring at a mini rain forest! Please remind me somebody, was there a time shaving sticks went on strike? I mean, with everybody always going on strike, I wouldn’t be surprised if shaving sticks have join the bandwagon. The hair under her armpit had turned grey with dirt.

The hair also appears to be crying as droplet of sweat kept dripping down her body. Really how do people make love these days? Do they just fumble through fore-play, stumble into each other’s main course and wobble to a screeching stop and say “aah, I don come?” Listen, the real reason I detest BO is because I truly like my guy and we worship each other’s body with our tongues. Yea, spice up your sexual life with varieties. You could also try it today and see how well you like it. Start the kissing from the crown of his head, down to his forehead. Bite his earlobe. Bite and kiss his shoulder blades with wet lusty kisses. Gently tease the nape of his neck. Slowly trail that moisture tongue down his body, straight to his navel. Stop there and give that navel a good sucking. Jump the main dish and carry on the worship act to the thighs, kneecaps, legs and toes. You may now go back to pay homage to the Engine Room.

Now if that your spouse has a BO, would you be able to administer such sinfully, pleasurable treatment on the person? I don’t think there is a sane person who would. Execpt you have BO too. I so much enjoy love making after a cool, cleansing bath. I remember two guys talking about a babe one day. One was down loading his experience to the other. The talker said he met a pretty lady one day.

They were attracted to each other. The day they had both been waiting for soon dawn. They went to the guy’s place. The guy claimed the babe only pulled off her panties, when the air suddenly became fouled. He thought a rat had died and started searching for it, while the babe patiently waited. When it dawned on him the stench was emitting from the babe’s honey pot, he told her to dress back. Said his room- mate would soon return. Lord knows what else he must have told the babe to have further convinced her to wait for another day. It’s not funny for a guy to stand her babe up on this thingâÂ?¦he further said he had opened the widows and blinds to allow fresh air to clear the room.

So does that mean she stinks down there? A lot of Americans have claimed that some people have natural BO, which nothing could be done for them. I say it’s a lie! But of course, I’m not an expert on this. Don’t confuse BO with natural body fragrance. The body fragrance is not offensive. It’s uniquely yours.

Most people that have BO are shockingly impervious to the stench from their bodies. Most BO is caused by the activities of skin bacteria on sweat. True sweat does not smell, but once sweat stays longer on the skin, the more the bacteria acts on it, breaking it down into a foul smelling chemicals. Such smells are noticeable under the armpits, feet and genital areas. The genitals, both male and female have their peculiar smell but the smell is not so terrible that you can’t give the babe oral treatment or the guy a blow job. According to information, these areas have odour because sweat doesn’t evaporate easily from such areas. And protein and fat are active in such areas too. Use of personal hygiene could help. Wash those vital parts by bathing everyday. Shower after exercises. Use deodorant after bath. Don’t cover odour with perfume. Wash and make sure clothes are properly dried before putting them on. Shave armpit and the valleys weekly. I do it myself and I feel wonderful about it. Care to take a peep?âÂ?¦. Later perhaps! Don’t wear yesterday clothes because of sweat. And most importantly, spouse should tell their beloved if he/she has a BO. Better they hear it from you than getting the insult from a stranger. I am one of those who believe that lovers should not be shy or careful with revealing things to each other.

I remember those good days at the university. If my guy pulls off his clothes and walks out, I had only to sniff the clothes and I’d know they were his even if I wasn’t there. It was that unique smell of his. It pervaded his room too. A fragrance that clings to him and his clothes. I loved everything about him down to his body fragrance. And no! He doesn’t use neither cream nor perfume. What about mouth odour? Almost a sin of everybody. It is understandable in the morning hours after a night rest but not noon. Sitting and keeping quite for too long could cause it . Chew gum, biscuits or candy. Something to keep the mouth busy. As for me, I already have something that keeps my mouth occupy. YesâÂ?¦humâÂ?¦I talk too muchâÂ?¦.talking appears to be my past time.

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