AVP: Alien Vs. Predator on DVD

Starring Sanaa Lathan, and Lance Henriksen, AVP: Alien vs. Predator takes two series meet. Monsters pop out of every corner, vanish and reappear all over. Then when you think you’ve figured out what’s going on and just who to trust, the film blows you away with a few surprises.

Researchers are requested to go on an excursion to the Bouvet�¸ya Island in the Antarctic ocean to look at an ancient monument buried 200 feet below the ice. Lead by Charles Bishop Weyland (Henriksen), the team uncovers a few wild things that rewrites history and says a few things about our ancient ancestors. Then things start to go terribly wrong.

An experienced climber and knowledgible architect, Alexa Woods (Lathan) helps the team get down to the monument. She helps them make the discoveries; such as, a sacrificial chamber in which people would lay in a circle and wait for their inevitable doom. She watches as a team of skilled military men hold back a horde of ugly, and slimy creatures with heavy firepower. Then Alexa Woods teams up with something – or someone unexpected; a “predator” to fend off what few remaining “aliens” there are left, including a 15-foot-tall alien queen.

AVP is almost a prequel to the Alien saga, started in 1979 with Ridley Scott’s definitive masterpiece Alien, and acts as a finale to the Predator saga, started in 1987 with John McTiernan action-thriller Predator. For fans of the Alien saga, a few clever history quotes are rampid, including the introduction of Mr. Weyland who would later be recreated as an android known simple as Bishop. The film may seem lame and stupid to the serious fans who enjoy the overall sci-fi mysteries of both Alien and Predator sagas, but it still packs a wallop when the two creatures meet in a clash to beat all clashes.

Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson (Resident Evil), also starring Raoul Bova as Sebastian de Rosa, Ewen Bremner as Graeme Miller, Colin Salmon as Maxwell Stafford, Tommy Flanagan as Mark Verheiden, and Joseph Rye as Joe Connors, AVP is far from the intense or suspenseful or action-packed thrillers as Alien, Aliens (1986) or Predator, but it’s well worth watching. What are you waiting for? Go pick up your copy today.

DVD Features: *Available Subtitles: English, Spanish *Available Audio Tracks: English (DTS 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 5.1), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), French (Dolby *Digital 2.0 Surround) *Commentary by: director Paul W.S. Anderson, Lance Henriksen, and Sanaa Lathan (theatrical version only)Unknown Format,Alec Gillis (alien effects), Tom Woodruff Jr. (alien effects), and visual effects supervisor John Bruno (theatrical version only)Unknown Format *Includes theatrical version and an extended version with a new beginning *Deleted scenes *Making-of featurette *Dark Horse comic book cover gallery *DVD-ROM: the first edition of the AVP comic book, AVP comic book background study, exclusive 16-page preview of the upcoming AVP graphic novel

The extended version offers very little new insight into the story, characters or anything, but it does offer a new beginning that makes little difference in the film.

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