Adult Apparel for the Disabled

Adaptive adult clothing and footwear in all sizes and designs are becoming increasingly available for people with disabilities.
Customized apparel shopping for both disabled men and women is no longer the difficult, frustrating task it used to be.

Retail and wholesale companies worldwide now offer mail-order catalog and online selections to seniors and disabled people who must shop from home. Detailed fittings, free alterations, same-day shipping, and purchases made with credit cards or through online banking are also readily available for the extremely discriminating shopper.

Customized adult apparel for those in wheelchairs and walkers, who are paraplegic or quadriplegic, who have difficulty walking or dressing, or suffer from other motion restrictions is now available in many mix and match wardrobe selections. And most items can be customized for personal needs and are suitable for all occasions (from casual wear to evening or occasional wear).

Moreover, both seniors and disabled persons should be delighted to know that items like men’s and women’s two piece sets, suits, robes and dresses, as well as blouses, shirts, slacks, skirts, muu muus, sweaters, slacks and pants outfits, dusters, caps, push gloves, rainwear and exercise garments are now available at made-to-order prices in apparel designed by many leading brand-name manufacturers.

For those mentioned above as well as for amputees, blind and hearing- impaired, and victims of polio and other crippling diseases, an endless array of adaptive wear is obtainable in slip-over and wrap-around designs and comes in a choice of zippers, Velcro, extra-large snap-on’s or with large buttons. One online company, Creative Designs, manufactures two products especially designed for the physically challenged and wheelchair users: the Change-A-Robe and the Handi-Robe,
both which allow the user to dress without having to stand up.

Anitavee’s Adaptive Apparel, which provides adaptive apparel for men and women as well as for children and teens, offers clothing in over a hundred different fabrics, all priced below $40.00, and which of course comes with zippers and other easy-to-use fasteners to make dressing and regular wear a simple and comfortable experience.

Looking for clothing that fits and feels good? Perhaps the online store, Rolli-Moden, has you covered. They certainly seem to, both literally and figuratively. They offer apparel designed for wheelchair users including jeans and tuxedos, business suits and underwear, and unique pants and jacket garments stitched and hemmed with special shoulder seams and lapels.

Their simple clip closures and zipper pulls provide much easier use, and wider belt loops come with an elasticized waist and extra long legs to assist individuals with limited finger movement and to help keep the pants in place while transferring. Also, a longer zipper is a common feature which makes bladder emptying and dressing/undressing far more convenient.

A full line of men’s and women’s adaptive apparel for incontinent and ambulatory persons can be purchased online at Personal Touch Health Care Apparel; while Potomac Technology, Inc. offers a wide selection of T-shirts, sweatshirts and other disability products for the deaf and hard of hearing. Spec-L, Inc. has an extensive line of adaptive clothing for teens to seniors and residents of convalescent and nursing homes that cater to those who may have trouble with dressing, undressing or incontinence and edema.

Other companies, like Care Catalog Services and Comco, Inc., provide wheelchair gloves, shoelaces, dressing aids, reusable incontinence garments, vinyl waterproof pants, adult diapers, pinless diaper/pant systems, lap robes, protective panties for women, wheelchair bags, absorbent briefs for men and adult bibs. These and most other online companies sell their products at low, reasonable prices, provide online ordering and same day shipping, and also have catalogs which they will mail to you free of charge.

One online store, ITA-MED Co., manufactures and sells adaptive wear designed especially for women, such as support girdles, elastic hosiery, graduated compression devices for feet and ankles, and slippers, sandals and highheel shoes. The apparel noted hereto and other accessories like cover-ups, mittens, rompers, hats, sweatsuits, nightgowns, loungewear and ponchos can be ordered year-round through an alphabetical listing of online stores at Adaptive & Special Needs Clothing

Listings for prosthetics and clothing for women who have had breast surgery are also available online, including apparel for breast enhancement, mastectomy and lumpectomy. Oregon resident Eleanor Richey, who recently underwent a mastectomy, was able in the privacy of her own home to purchase such adaptive products online. “I was amazed,” she said, “with the variety of merchandise offered to women who have had breast surgery. A lot of sizes and colors were available at low cost and mailed to me the very same day I placed my order.”

Two such Internet stores, Close To You and Comfortably Yours, offer a surprising selection of popular lines in camisoles, loungewear, headwear, lingerie and swimwear for women who have breast surgery or are undergoing post-operative recovery.

Whatever your disability and no matter your age or gender, the Internet now offers an immense and inexpensive catalog of adaptive and customized apparel and footwear. Moreover, ordering these and other products online can guarantee immediate service and same-day shipping – all conveniently and from the privacy of your own home.

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