Over the rainbow is
A great civilization
Exuberant and vibrant
A wonderful
Kaleidoscope of humanity
Enchanting tones and
Shades of generosity
Blending caravans of
Strong and beautiful faces
A royal kingdom
A mighty lion
Rights, rituals and passage
Ancient traditions taken from the past
We enter this sacred place
A paradise never forsaken
Behold the true Garden of Eden
We drink sweet water from
The Nile River
Timbuktu astronomers
Study the heavens
Mandingo and Zulu Warriors
A menagerie of war paint colors
Standing ready for battle
Juju medicine man is
Drifting in a spiritual dance
At daybreak, we go down to the river flow
Shadows ascending toward the moon
Hearts beating like an African drum
The rainy season is bound to Mother Earth
Enchanted medicine man delivering
magical words to a crackling fire
Great powerful heavens
Lift every voice up and sing
To the sweet harmony of Africa

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