Alternative Treatment to Help Prevent Colon Cancer from Reoccuring

Most medical doctors don’t agree with alternative doctors that alternative treatments work to cure any disease, especially serious health problems. However, evidence has proven that alternative treatments can and does work. Perhaps, it’s more of a financial disagreement then anything. If people use alternative treatment remedies to treat or prevent recurrences, medical doctors will receive fewer patients and will not be able to prescribe as many medications. However, one should never avoid seeing a medical doctor or receive traditional medical treatment if they have serious health problems.

One thing medical and alternative doctors do agree that cancer needs to be eliminated. Both doctors agree that early detection; therefore, early surgery is the most effective type of treatment for cancer. The disagreement is over the type of treatment that follows surgery. Most traditional doctors think radiation and chemotherapy are the best follow up treatments for cancer. Alternative doctors say that alternative treatments help prevent recurrence of the disease. Alternative treatment focuses on changing ones’ diet and environment to prevent the disease.

Here are some alternative treatments to help prevent colon cancer from reoccurring. The typical American diet consists of high fat and low fiber and this works against preventing colon cancer. To help restore the colon and increase healthy bacteria to prevent recurrence of colon cancer, one should eat plenty of yogurt. Eating Ã?½ cup of plain, unflavored yogurt every day that contains the good bacteria from milk helps cleanse and heal the colon. Colostrum is a similar milk substance that mother’s milk produces after giving birth. It is full of potent and immune stimulating factors that boost a newborn’s immune system. You can find colostrums in concentrated, purified form of cow colostrums and follow the dosage requirements. This can be taken on an ongoing basis.

Bromelain is a very good alternative treatment to help prevent colon cancer from reoccurring. Bromelain contains pineapples that contain a healthy dose of digestive enzymes. These digestive enzymes found in Bromelain can help break down a cancer’s protein coating, allowing immune cells to attack the cancer. Taking the right amount of antioxidants can help fight against cancer causing free radicals from forming. They help to strengthen the immune system. Beta-carotene helps heal the lining of the digestive tract, which can help to prevent colon cancer, and from it reoccurring. Take Selenium – 200 mg, Zinc – 50 mg, Vitamin E – 400 IU, Vitamin C – 1000 mg, and Beta-carotene – 30 mg. Take the Vitamin E twice a day and the Vitamin C four times a day.

Make sure you drink enough water, dehydration holds up stools in the colon, which can promote cancer causing free radicals to build up. There are four herbs that can be taken to help fight colon cancer. Echinacea can slow the growth of tumors take 80 mg a day. Ginkgo improves the circulation of the colon, strengthening the immune system take 40 mg a day. Make sure the Ginkgo herb has 24 percent heterosides. Astragalus helps prevent weight loss during chemo, stops the spread of tumors, and strengthens the immune system take 200 mg a day. Cat’s claw encourages healthy bacteria to circulate in the colon take 250 mg a day. Always consult your physician when taking alternative treatments, and if your colon cancer reoccurs follow your doctor’s advice.

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