American Idol 2006: Taylor Hicks- Soul Patrol

Taylor Hicks was a contestant on American Idol. All along I believed Taylor would win and tonight he did just that. This man can sing anything from Elvis to Bruce Springsteen. He has a way to grab the attention of anyone who is viewing him perform. His voice is superb and his antics on stage are simply entertaining to say the least. I was always excited and anxious every Tuesday night to see him perform and I am sure all of his fans felt the same way. Now we can’t wait to hear and see more of him.

The week that caught my eye the most was Elvis week. I am a big Elvis fan and can’t stand for someone to mess up trying to sing one of his songs. But when Taylor sang Jailhouse Rock I enjoyed his performance very much. Also when he sang In the Ghetto I felt he really captured the feeling of the song. What really got my house all noisy with cheers was the next night when Taylor was asked to sing Jailhouse Rock again. Even my husband had to admit we were seeing the next American Idol and a great future of Taylor Hicks music.

Taylor Hicks was born October 6, 1976 making him a Libra at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. His family moved to Hoover, Alabama when he was young. For all you women interested Taylor has never been married.

Taylor wasn’t always gray but it seems that way. He started turning gray at about 15 years old. Although he’s been teased a lot about his hair, Hicks has never considered coloring it. His fans agree with this. Taylor would just not be Taylor without the gray hair. Some people compare him to Jay Leno and in a way I can see the resemblance some what, but get real Taylor is actually pretty good looking, no big chin on him.

Taylor’s music reflects his favorite music: the old songs of Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Ray Charles. Taylor used to always carry a tiny statute of Ray Charles on stage with him. It was lost or stolen recently and he’s been looking for another one.

Taylor plays guitar and a blues harmonica. He writes most of his own songs. Taylor has a CD entitled: Under the Radar. Taylor has made quite a name for himself on “American Idol” in 2006. The gray-haired blues singer has already been impersonated on Saturday Night Live and the competition isn’t even over yet!

Taylor spent years gathering together five musicians who now form his band The Taylor Hicks Band and a special brotherhood with him. Not wanting to mislead anyone into thinking Taylor would be performing with them, the band has temporarily renamed themselves the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra and describe themselves as playing blues & New Orleans-style funky stuff.

So when you hear the words Soul Patrol or the name Taylor Hicks just remember this guy has loads of talent and will be around for a long time to come. He is the American Idol 2006. His single debut song Do I Make You Proud is a terrific song that really fits him. Yes Taylor you make us proud.

I loved the finale tonight it was filled with so much energy and excitement and great music. I felt Meatloaf did not sing very well at all tonight and Toni braxton would of been better off to have Taylor sing but I am such a big Taylor fan noone would of been as good as him tonight.

There are some who will not agree that Taylor Hicks is as popular as is being reported but all one as to do his type his name into any search engine and thousands of sites will come up. is a site with over 18,000 members and the members joining continues to climb everyday. On a trip back to his home town even before he won the American Idol title there were over 12,000 fans just for him. Some were even fainting. I do not think Taylor will be a one song wonder he will be around for a long time to come.

If you want some Taylor Hicks items such as bumper stickers, tee shirts, photos and much more these can be found all the internet. Go to Ebay and type in Taylor Hicks and you can purchase almost anything concerning Taylor. It may just turn out to be a good investment to because I feel the future is shining bright for Taylor. Don’t we all wish we had the first newspaper from Memphis concerning Elvis when he was first discovered. Soul Patrol pulled it off we got our man through with our votes and we have our American Idol now we will be waiting anxiously to hear more and more of Taylor and we will miss our weekly Taylor fix.

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