Animal and Pet Rescues in Vermont

If you are looking for a pet, consider adopting from on of theses rescue groups. They are all volunteer, and rely on donations to keep going, If you cannot adopt, consider participating in their programs such as fostering an animal till a permanent home can be found, or becomin g a pets sponsor, where you contribute a small amount each month for a specific animal and get reports on how they are doing. They are always looking for volunteers, so if you have some pare time it would be put to good use. If you cannot keep apet, do not just let it go Bring it to a shelter and give it a second chance for a good life The shelters are listed by county. If you do not see one for your county, call the one nearest to you. If they cannot help you they will be glad to find one that can.

Addison County

Addison County Humane Society ( dogs and cats)
Addison is a no kill shelter, which means they do not put animals to sleep just for space. They are looking for volunteers for various duties. Check their site to see if you wuld like to attend any of their benefit fund raisers.

Bennington County

Second Chance Animal Center (dogs, cats and small animals)
They are always looking for volunteers and foster families. Consider becomong oneof their Guardian Angels and sponsor a cat or dog.

Chittenden County

Humane Society of Chittenden County( dogs, cats, birds and small animals)
Serves Chittenden and Grande Isle Counties
Check their list of event to see if there is one you can attend, Also they are in need of foster families and volunteers for a variety of tasks.

North Country Animal League (dogs and cats)
They are a limited access shelter which means they have a limit on the number of animals they will take in.

Orange County

Central Vermont Humane Society (Dogs Cats and small animals)
Serves both Orange and Washington County. They are a no kill shelter
Check their wish list for things they can use and also look at the up coming events. They are in need of foster families .

Collie Rescue League of New England( collies only)
Serves all of New England
Orleans County

The Frontier Animal Society of Vermont( dogs, cats and small animals)
Serves Orleans and Essex counties
They have a once a month spay/neuter clinic for cats.

Rutland County

Rutland County Humane Society (dogs, cats and small animals)
They are in need of volunteers/ check out their wish list and see if there is anything you can help them out with.

Windham County

Windham County Humane Society( dogs and cats)
They are looking for foster families. Check out the Giving Opportunities Page to see how you can help in a big way/

Windsor County

Green Mountain Pug Rescue ( pugs only)

Please consider a donation. They are dedicated to saving Pugs from puppy mills, as well as taking in any pug that needs a new home.

Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society( dogs and cats)
Don’t through away your empty ink cartridges Donate them to the shelter. Also check out the volunteer opportunities and events page

All Vermont

New England Border Collie Rescue( border collies only)
Serves all of New England and Eastern New York
Theses are great dogs. Check out the site to see what they need.

Spring Hill Horse Rescue ( horses only)
Serves all of Vermont
Dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused, neglected and slaughter-bound horses.
They are in need of donations. If you are a horse lover, and cannot adopt, please consider a donation. They do great work.

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