April 24, Commemorative Date of Armenian Genocide

There are no limitations, no quantification to how much I care in regard to the Armenian Genocide and massacres committed by the Young Turk Government and Ottoman Empire in 1915.

No matter how hard one tries to restrain, ignore and place in trite regard, I and other like-minded individuals will never forget. Nor will we cease to discuss and remind others of the systematic attempt at extermination of the Armenians, a people who have never in the history of the planet declared war on any peoples, countries or states.

That fact is about to change. A war of words is about to begin. I, and like-minded individuals, will retreat to the greatest weapon ever devised: the pen. Paper soldiers will take their toll on any one person, government or state, which denies, contributes either inadvertently or otherwise, any systematic attempt at an elimination of any people.

The effects of a crime of this degree will never escape any people. The Armenian Genocide not excluded. It has brought about a nation without shorelines, a government without public servants, a people denied dollars and millions of displaced people declined of their native soil.

The fact remains that we have been robbed of our land. Robbed of our potential. Robbed of our ancestral integration. I, and like-minded individuals, have no resignations in mediocrity in regard to our nationality.

Revenge is in the midst as soon as I and other paper soldiers point their felt tips and make our voices heard.

The fact remains that nothing in this world and within this life goes unrequited. All loose ends will be tied. All questions will be answered. Nothing left to read between the lines. The rate at which minds are infected will increase ten-fold as soon as my and other like-minded individual’s voices are heard. As soon as our story is told.

As a half-breed and direct bi-product of the genocide’s end result, I have never held a belief quite as close as this one and cannot imagine that I could.

As soon as it’s worth dying for it’s worth living towards. Remember what’s been told. Remember to take this oath: write what you have never read or heard. Otherwise the fight is coming to you. You have all been forewarned.

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