Aromatherapy Day

I woke up to the aroma of calming chamomile bubbling in my bedside table fountain and trotted off to the bathroom with vanilla plug-in scent scenting the room. I brushed my teeth with crystal mint toothpaste, showered with lavender soap and washed my hair with green apple shampoo. After drying off I applied jasmine sparkle deodorant, and moisturized, slathering on cocoa butter cream.

Off and running to the kitchen right past another vanilla plug-in in the living room, I decided to brew a pot of hazelnut coffee and eat two slices of raisin-cinnamon toast. Afterwards I cleaned my hands with strawberry liquid soap after washing the few dishes with apple berry scented dish detergent.

I lit an apple-cinnamon candle and rushed around doing a few morning chores. Straightened and smoothed bed sheets, spraying lavender linen misting spray on the finished bed. Tossed in a load of dirty wash and added a cup of cotton fresh detergent, and didn’t forget this time to fill the “Downy” ball with outdoor fresh fabric softener. There was still time left to clean the nasty germy filled bathroom, so I attacked the toilet first, killing bacteria with ocean mist toilet bowl cleaner. I scrubbed the tub, scoured the shower tiles, and made them sparkling clean with lemon fresh bathtub cleaner. I wiped splattered mirrors and shined the counters with crisp berry glass spray, mopping floor tiles with pine cleaner before leaving the room coughing and gasping for fresh air.

I ran the vacuum over carpets after sprinkling mulberry carpet fresh, and wiped the coffee table off with lemon scented wood cleaner. Now it was time to rush out the door and head for the grocery store.

I sniffed my car’s strawberry tree air freshener, making a mental note to replace it. I gagged when I drove pass a habitat of skunks, but soon my mouth started to water when the aroma of flamed broiled burgers drifted into the car.

I’m assaulted by the homemade aroma of fresh baked bread straight from the oven, grabbed a soft butter loaf and swiftly hurried past a pungent fresh fish display. I stopped at the deli counter, helped myself to a sample of pepperoni, broccoli and onion pizza while waiting for my number to be called. Roasted herb seasoned chicken started me drooling so dinner was going to be an easy one I thought, as I placed two roasters in my cart.

Rushing to the cleaning aisle I viewed in all its glory a feast of scents, mingling into one exotic mix. I grabbed a few scented plug-ins; lavender, berry fresh and apple spice. I picked up a bottle of citrus floor cleaner, two packages of orange oil dust wipes, a can of fresh linen spray starch and a bag of lemon dishwasher blocks. I sniffed the newest baby powder scent air freshener but selected berry passion instead. Soft scented toilet paper plopped in my cart and I didn’t even forget to pick up a large jug of mountain fresh bleach. My cart was pretty full as I rushed through the aisles, hyperventilating, viewing the latest fragrance products out of the corner of my eyes.

I almost forget to pick up a box of natural scented cat litter along with the free package of fresh and clean, kitty bath wipes. As I rushed to the register I tried to avoid snatching miniatures of floral hand sanitizers, raspberry lotions, lemon hand wipes and peppermint mouth sprays, piled high up on their shelves.

Returning home I unpacked groceries and felt totally exhausted, so I made a cup of mint tea, lit a calming patchouli candle, and decided to lie down for awhile. After two seconds I had to leap up again, because I felt something didn’t smell quite smell, so I grabbed the bottle of forest fresh air and fabric sanitizer and rendered a few blasts.

My aromatherapy day has just begun, and I still have ten more hours to go. I don’t know how I’ll manage when the kids and hubby finally come home and drop their smelly sneakers and muddy work boots on the wood floor I just polished with almond cream. Somehow I can’t understand why my headache doesn’t go away, but there are always cherry flavored aspirins to swallow before they arrive at the door with the lavender and eucalyptus wreath.

The End

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