Review of Glade, Autumn Harvest Spray, Limited Edition Fall Collection

Glade has granted my wishes, and released a collection of fall inspired room sprays early! I was not expecting to find fall fragrances this early on, and when I came across a bunch of them, I grabbed them all!

Autumn Harvest was one of 2 fragrances I came across in the Glade Fall Collection. It caught my eye due to the old rustic charm that the can had. This particular scent comes in a brown colored can, with a tan strip running around it. It features a basket of pumpkins and squash, and is advertised as being a rustic scent. Smoky, woodsy, and mellow.

The Scent:

Glade’s Autumn Harvest Room Spray smelled exactly as Glade descried it on the can. The initial thought I was left with after smelling it, was that nice smell that gets stuck onto your clothing after sitting in front of a campfire. However, that is not the only scent that I picked up. Autumn Harvest also gives off very mellow undertones of pumpkin with a beautiful woodsy cinnamon scent that is unlike any other cinnamon fragrance I have yet to come across.

It has a semi masculine marking to its scent, which I love. Men and women alike will enjoy this one.

It is definitely unique to the market, and sure to become a fan favorite.

The Last:

Many room sprays do not last very long, but Glade’s Autumn Harvest packs a semi fair last. All in all I was able to detect the scent in my large room for up to 20 minutes before it no longer lingered.

It’s not the longest lasting room spray in the world, but this is pretty average when it comes to last.


Autumn Harvest Room Spray is such a nice scent, that I think they could bottle this one up as a unisex perfume/cologne.

The last is average, but the scent you get is spectacular and unique to any other room spray. It captures the essence of not just the fall season, but also that small change over from fall to winter, when fires in the home are roaring.

Where To Buy:

Walmart has this scent stocked up early on their shelves. Check it out now, and if you like it, stock up, because it is a limited edition and once they are gone, you might not come across them again so easily.

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