Tips on Landscaping with Trees

Your new house has just been finished and you are ready to start adding to the appearance of your place with trees. This is not as easy as you think. This planning take quite a bit of consideration. There are many things to decide on.

You have to decide where you want the trees to go and why. You also have to know what type of Tree species you want to plant. The cost involved has to be figured as well. So lets deal with these three areas.

Where do you want to plant your trees? Do you want them just for appearance for your property? Do you want shade trees? How close to your house do you want them? Another thing to consider in planting them is your neighbors. You need to talk to your neighbors before you plant anything. Some towns and cities have ordinances on how close a tree can be planted next to someones house or property. Some even have limits on what type of trees you can plant. Some cities or towns don’t want trees planted on their right of ways. Mainly because trees can damage water and sewer lines. They are also a problem if maintenance has to be pulled on those two lines. The same is true with phone and power companies. Trees cost them millions of dollars each year in labor and line repair as well as down time.

Trees can really add to the value of your property but, they have to be planned for well. Trees that are put too close to your house can cause major damage during a storm. So it is best to plant them a good distance away.

The species of a tree is important to consider. There are basically two types. They are Conifers, Hardwoods. Here are just a few types of Hardwoods. Ash, aspen, beach, birch, black cherry, black walnut, buckeye, American chestnut, cottonwood, dogwood, elm, soft maple, hard maple, hickory magnolia, oak, poplar, sycamore, sweet gum, and redbud. These are just a few of the different hardwoods. Each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. Some people like fast growing trees. Soft maple grow extremely fast. However, they snap very quickly in a storm. Pin Oaks grow very large and solid. However, a person could age a good deal before these trees mature. Sweet trees have a tendency to attract insects although they may smell good.

If you are looking for good shade trees, it is best to talk to professionals that understand the different growth patterns of various trees. They can provide good advice on the types of trees that are best for your property.

There are some people that like to plant Conifers for looks and wind breaks. You can plant these side by side or alternate them. They are excellent for stopping drifting snow across your driveways or walkways. They also maintain their greenery the year around. They are very easy to maintain once they have started growing. You can prune them close to the ground or you can just let them go and clean out the underbrush once or twice a year. They do need to be spaced out though as they will take up room.

If it is foliage you are looking for, you can mix up the type of trees you plant on your property for different colors. Some people like to try to match colors with their homes. Yet others like conifers to add to the rustic type of look. Professional landscapers can make out several plans for you to choose from.

The cost for planting trees varies with the types you put out. Some trees can run as much as hundreds of dollars. It is possible to buy young saplings at a cheaper cost and plant them yourself. However, like a regular garden, you have to care for them. They have to be watered and maintained all year until they mature to a size where they can make it on their own. The Arbor Association sells conifers by the dozens each year at a very cheap rate. It is even possible to get them free and you just pay for the shipping of them. Many trees are destroyed each year by weed eaters and weed sprays. Weed eaters tear off the bark of young saplings. Weed sprays can kill a young tree just as well. Again you need to consult with a professional before you spray.

One other thing to consider with trees are their roots. Trees love good topsoil. The roots will thrive in it. That is why some trees as they grow, their roots come to the surface near them. This causes problems for mowing as well. Some trees can have parts of their roots removed and still grow well while others can’t. Roots can cause many problems and should be carefully considered before and after planted.

If done right, trees can not only add color and shade to your property, but they can add value, too. If you are unfamiliar with trees, then check with your landscaping specialists. Professional people are always eager to help.

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