Avoiding Chemicals in Your Fish Tank

When you have a fish tank, there are some things that you can not do with your fish tank. You can not spray air freshener right above your fish tank and expect your fish to be fine. If you use some type of air freshener you will want use kinds in other rooms without fish tanks but not in the room with the fish tank. This will fall into the water and cause your fish to get sick. You will want to use plug in air fresheners or candles but never use any type of air fresheners that you spray into the air, even if you spray them in a different direction.

When you have a fish tank you will notice that there are marks on the outside of the fish tank. One thing that you never want to do is clean the fish tank with glass cleaning. The glass cleaner can actually get into the fish tank and create a lot of different problems. Using a damp rag and water is your only option. You can also use baby wipes and then wipe the area off with a damp rag so that it doesn’t appear to be oily. You never want to use any type of chemicals to clean your fish tank.

Be careful when you use bleach to clean certain parts of your fish tank. You don’t want to use bleach to clean off the decorations and then kill all of your fish in the process. You can usually boil hard decorations and they will come clean after boiling them. It will take a little bit extra arm power to scrub the decorations but it isn’t worth killing your fish. Some people will clean the tank with bleach before setting up the fish tank. You do not need to do this, you can scrub out the tank with water and a damp rag if you need to.

Avoid dusting and getting dust in the water as well. You want to keep the tank free from debris. Use a rag to dust items that are above your fish tank. You also do not want to spray glass cleaner on the pictures that are above your fish tank. Spray the glass cleaner directly on a rag and clean the pictures that way. You do not want any chemicals to get into your fish tank. There chemicals will really hurt your fish if they get into the water. They have the same effects as metal poisoning. If you think you got chemicals in your fish tank you will want to do a 50% water change right away.

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