Avon Solutions Dramatic Firming Cream is a Real Solution

Avon Solutions Dramatic Firming Cream for Face and Throat is an outstanding product to enhance the appearance of your skin. As you get older, fine lines and subtle sagging begins to occur. Avon’s Dramatic Firming Cream contains natural ingredients such as carrot, Vitamin E, apricot and arnica oil that really tone, firm and improve your skin after four weeks of daily use. Arnica oil is derived from a perennial plant of the Asteraceae or Compositae family with orangy-yellow daisy-like flowers, native to mountainous regions of America and Europe and is classified by herbalists as a vulnerary herb, which is an herb that is actually used for wound healing. I remember my mom using a tincture of arnica on bruises when I was a child and it seemed to work like magic to bring the skin back to its normal color and shape. I am not sure which of the healing ingredients in Avon’s Dramatic Firming Cream makes it so effective, but it is a real solution to an everyday problem.

The Avon Dramatic Firming Cream is surprisingly affordable. It retails for $8.50, but is often on sale for $4.99. It is a white cream in a small round tub with a lid and it comes in a 1.7 fl. oz size. The cream does not have a strong smell and is gentle. I am prone to at least one thousand allergies and it does not bother me in any way, which is another incredible bonus. I use the cream twice a day after cleansing my skin and the improvement is noticeable. I have had several people ask what I had done to make my skin look so good, including my own family. In fact, several friends have purchased the cream and been equally impressed with the results. Avon is a very convenient product to purchase and it available in several ways. You can order from your local Avon representative, who will deliver the product to your door. You can also visit avon.com, call 1-800-265-AVON or look for a local Avon distributor.

I also greatly appreciate the Avon company. The company was originally established in 1886 by David H. McConnell in New York and was named the California Perfume Company. The company grew and eventually, in 1928, became known as Avon and introduced its first products – a toothbrush, talcum and a vanity set. Avon is now the world’s largest direct seller with more than one billion customer transactions a year. The National Association of Female Executives named Avon the number one company for female executives. To add to all this, Avon has raised over $450 million for breast cancer causes. About four year ago, I was a direct recipient of one of their grants through Avon’s Cancer Care. I had a lapse in my medical insurance between jobs and having children and developed a lump under my arm that I could not afford to have properly checked. I spoke with Avon Cancer Care and they awarded me a grant to get the medical attention I needed. Avon helps real people like me and I feel proud to support such as company.

Overall, Avon is a well-established company you can trust that has developed an outstanding product that everyday people can afford. Avon Solutions Dramatic Firming Cream for Face and Throat will make your skin look healthy and youthful and truly enhance your overall appearance.

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