Best Delivery and Take-Out in Hoboken

One thing I miss about Hoboken, New Jersey, is the convenience of having great food delivered right to my door. Some outstanding places in Hoboken offer both Delivery and Take-Out options. Depending on your mood and tastes, I suggest you pick up a menu for one or all of the following Hoboken eateries.

The best Italian deli in Hoboken (and perhaps in the entire State of New Jersey) is Vito’s Italian Deli on Washington Street. Vito’s Italian Deli boasts the best fresh mozzarella in the state (and they have the awards to prove it). Although you may wait on a pretty long line during the lunch hour and after work, Vito’s subs are well worth the wait. Step up to the counter and order the “hot roast beef with mozz” or Vito’s Italian sub. The subs are so stacked with meat you won’t believe your eyes, and the prices are incredibly reasonable. All menu items are made to order. Vito’s even delivers from 11 to 2, but the wait time can run pretty high, so I suggest you take the walk over there and get an order to go. You’ll be glad you did.

The best Mexican Take-Out and Delivery can be found at BaJa. To get it delivered, you need to call the local service which charges an arm and a leg and takes forever. So, I suggest you pick up your order on 14th Street in Hoboken. I recommend the BaJa Special for two, which consists of shredded steak, chicken and jumbo shrimp. If you’re dining alone, try the filet mignon and finish it off with a slice of flan for dessert. BaJa is also a terrific dine-in restaurant that is the perfect spot to take a first date. If you’re picking up your order, get there early and enjoy a delicious margarita while you wait.

The best Chinese food in Hoboken can be ordered for Take-Out or Delivery at Hoboken Cottage on Washington Street. Chances are you already have your favorite Chinese food order memorized, but may I suggest the Sliced Chicken with Broccoli and the Chicken Lo Mein? If you’re really hungry and you want something fast, inexpensive and very good, Hoboken Cottage is the place to call. They’ll have your order to you in less than a half hour. Don’t forget to ask for some Fortune Cookies!

The best Italian Delivery and Take-Out menu in Hoboken belongs to Rosarios at 12th and Willow. Fast, friendly service and terrific dishes. From pizza to chicken parm, Rosarios makes every meal perfectly. I lived just a block from Rosarios for six years and ordered from them an average of four times a week. With such a large menu, no dish gets old.

If you want good Mediterranean food, then place a call to the MediterraneanGrill, located across from the Hoboken PATH Station. The food can take a while to arrive, so order early or pick up your order on the way home from work. From pizza to grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice, Mediterranean Grill has something on the menu for everyone.

So, whether you’re ordering Delivery or Take-Out, try these restaurants. You won’t be disappointed. And don’t forget to check out my articles on Hoboken pizza, Hoboken sit-down dining and Hoboken nightlife!

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