How to Throw a Healthy Dinner Party

With the health-related field increasing daily, there is an immense need for having ‘healthier food’ around. What better way to enjoy this healthier way of eating than to throw a party centered around healthy foods? It’s fun, your guests will enjoy it, and you will feel good about feeding everyone well. How do you throw a healthy dinner party?

1) Needless to say, planning ahead is important. If you currently have a cookbook collection of healthy recipes, you are set. If not, simply go to the store and purchase one. Or, go to your local library and check theirs out. Look for low-fat cooking. Get some creative ideas.

If you are new to the ‘healthy eating’ field, read magazines on the subject. Or, watch the Food Network channel. There are always great ideas for preparing foods from scratch. Preparing dishes ‘from scratch’ is another way of saying ‘using whole foods’ many times.
Whole foods cooking is a popular topic for healthy chefs.

2) Learn about the ingredients you are using in your dishes. Learn some of the food’s history. Learn different ways to use the food. You can share this insight with your guests. This may start a sharing of cooking ideas. Everyone seems to have their own way of preparing foods. This is another way to make your healthy dinner party fun.

3) If you are using a recipe, make copies for your guests. If they like the dish, ask them if they want a copy. Sharing recipes is a wonderful way to become involved in healthy eating.

4) Plan your guest list. Knowing what your guests like is important. This is how you will plan your menu. If you have a dish with unusual ingredients, limit it to one dish. Be sure to describe what the ingredients are to your guests. You may have some converts due to its great taste! Do not have a wide variety of dishes with unusual foods in them. Guests like to know what they are eating.

5) Choose wholesome, fresh ingredients. It is easier to cook healthy dishes with these ingredients, anyways. They provide bright colors and make dishes so eye-appealing. This is important. Plus, the fresh taste will heighten the dining experience. Avoid heavy creams, sauces, preservatives, or heavily processed foods.

A easy and quick way to begin a healthy dinner party is to have a tray of fresh foods. Have some cut up veggies and fruits surrounding a bowl of yogurt dip.

Suggestions: For a fun touch, put some baskets of fresh fruit, herbs, and veggies around the room.
Have a small bowl of nuts and dried fruits available. There are a multitude of ideas you can use to promote your healthy eating theme.

Throwing a healthy dinner party is easier than you think.

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