Best Nightlife in Cabo San Lucas

Whether you’ve come to Cabo San Lucas to party for Spring Break or to hide from American authorities, you won’t want to miss out on the best nightlife Cabo has to offer. So, grab your pesos and your amigos and get ready to party hearty, Mexican-style.

Don’t eat before you go out, because the first place I’m going to introduce you to in Cabo San Lucas has some really terrific food. The Cabo Wabo Cantina – Bar & Grill is where the nightlife starts in Cabo. Cabo Wabo, located on Guerrero Street, is owned by rocker Sammy Hagar, who sometimes performs, especially around his birthday in October. Cabo Wabo, not only has its own signature tequila, it also offers a full dinner menu at their Tequila Factory restaurant. This place rocks nearly every night.

Wherever you start the night in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll want to end it at El Squid Roe. What can I say about El Squid Roe that will do this joint any justice? Well, I’ve been to bars all around the world, and this place is easily the most fun bar I’ve ever been in. El Squid Roe gets packed nightly, and it has more energy on its three floors than I’ve seen at most football games. True, you may have to wear a diaper because getting to the restrooms isn’t easy. But this place has it all: an open-air dance floor, waiters equipped with spray tanks of tequila, table-dancing. If you’re offended by brief nudity, however, El Squid Roe may not be for you.

Across from El Squid Roe is the Hard Rock Cafe. Before you moan and groan about Hard Rock nightlife, the Hard Rock in Cabo San Lucas isn’t exactly like the ones in the States. This Hard Rock does get its fun crowds, thanks to dancing and some good classic rock. Not a bad place to grab a burger, but the food here is just average. By the way, at these resort-type places, it’s safe to drink the water and suck on the ice. Leave that nervous nelly friend of yours north of the border, please.

I’m not much of a gambler; my New York Giants let me down far too often. But if you are, you’ll love the laid-back betting atmosphere of Caliente Race, Sports & Book in Cabo San Lucas. They offer international cuisine as well as a full bar and off-track betting.

Yeah, it’s a total tourist joint, but The Giggling Marlin is also lots of fun. Located on Boulevard Marina, a couple of extroverted entertainers will have your girlfriend doing the Lambada and videotaping it. This is more of a show than anything, but it’s a place that’s definitely worth stopping by.

Whatever your pleasure, Cabo San Lucas nightlife offers it somewhere for a price. So, remember, keep your wits about you at all times, do Cabo Wabo for dinner and El Squid Roe late night, and you should be more than all right.

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