Chain Reaction on the Game Show Network: A Twist of Classic Word Game Shows

Remember the days when families would sit around the television together and watch game shows? Remember how fun it was to yell out the answers? You can still do that. The Game Show Network airs old shows such as Card Sharks, Family Feud, and $100,000 Pyramid. GSN is also mixing it up with new game shows such as Chain Reaction.

Presented for Game Show Network by Michael Davies, producer of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Chain Reaction is a television twist on a classic word game. Contestants are split into two teams of three-men vs. women-that compete for a prize of up to $25,000.

Dylan Lane, former Fuse TV vj, hosts Chain Reaction. The smart, funny, and attractive Dylan guides the teams through several rounds of the game. Players are presented with grids containing seven spaces for words. Each word is worth a set amount of money, depending on which round is being played.

The first and last word are shown and the contestants must determine the five remaining words by figuring out the relationship of each word to the word that follows. For example, super charge card shark bait would be super charge, charge card, card shark, and shark bait, respectively.

Once the grid is completed, the winning team for that round gets a speed chain consisting of four words. If they complete the chain correctly, they win more money. The game proceeds and during the final round, teams can bet from $100 to $500 on each turn. If they guess the word correctly, the team wins their wager, but if they guess incorrectly, the amount of the bet is deducted from their winnings. This makes for an interesting twist that can turn the game around in a flash.

Once the final round is completed, the team with the most cash moves on to the bonus round. One teammate is blindfolded while the other two are given a list of words or phrases. They take turns speaking one word at a time in an attempt to form a question which the blindfolded teammate uses to guess the words or phrases. If seven guesses are made correctly in 90 seconds, the team doubles their winnings. If ten guesses are made correctly, the team triples their winnings.

The Game Show Network has brought to its viewers a witty and sometimes twisted game that fans can play along with and win prizes on the GSN website while the show airs. Unlike some of the other current game shows, Chain Reaction doesn’t equal big money, but what it lacks in cash, it makes up for in family fun, which equals a big hit for GSN and game show fans alike.

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