Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas for Home

One of the great parts of Halloween is the opportunity to decorate your home. This is enjoyed kids and parents alike and allows for each person to explore their creative side.

If you’re looking for a few fresh ideas for homemade Halloween decorations, this is the article for you. I’ll give you some inexpensive ideas you can do as a family to make your home the best Halloween home on the block, while having fun at the same time.


Monster claws are extremely easy to do but at the same time are not seen on a lot of houses in your neighborhood.

With monster claws, you just take a piece of colored paper you can get from any school supply store or craft store and have your kind trace their hand print with a pencil or pen.

Next you’d want to add a few lines to distinguish the knuckles and finger tips like how your hand looks. This will help give the appearance of a real hand that can actually bend and grab.

Finally, have the kids cut you sharp fingernails to add on to the tip of the hand. These should be a different color than the hand and if possible a different shade (i.e. if hand is dark color then nails should be lighter color or vice versa).

Use a pair of scissors to cut the hand out and then glue the nails to the cut out hand and there you have it, a monster claw to be proud of.


Ghosts are always a necessity on Halloween. And creating ghosts are a snap when using this simple technique.

Go to a local craft store and grab a couple of Styrofoam balls. They don’t have to be huge, maybe the size if your fist.

Look around the house and find a few old pillow cases. The best would be to find some that are a solid color with no stripes or designs.

Grab a stick or twig from outside and stick it in one end of the foam ball. The other end of the stick will get stuck in the ground.

Place your pillow case on top of the foam ball and use a sting, cord or even dental floss to the tie up the pillow case right under the bottom of the ball, where the ball and stick meet.

Take a black marker and draw whatever face you want on your ghost. Now you have a homemade ghost that everyone can be proud of.

You can either place your ghost outside by sticking him in the ground or leave him in the window for inside decorations.

Use these tips to help decorate your house for Halloween and make it the scariest place on the block.

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