Cheap Wedding Dresses

The average wedding costs between $10,000 and $30,000, which of course, depends upon where you live and the type of wedding that you have. The cost of the average wedding dress is estimated at between $700 and $1,000. Now, to cut costs, one can look at elements such as the entertainment, catering or the size of the guest list. Usually though, a woman has certain “ideals” in mind when it comes to her “Dream Wedding”. This also includes a fantasy wedding dress. But a less expensive dress is one of the ways to save on the budget without having to compromise on the big picture of things.

There are specific fundamentals of every “perfect” gown. It is possible to find these basics in a cheaper version. When searching for a cheap wedding dress, first write down everything that the dress must have in one column and the embellishments that you can really do without in another column. It may surprise you that you can find variations of almost everything that you want in a wedding dress, if you browse through those made by less known designers or on the “last-season” clearance rack at your local bridal shop.

If your engagement is a longer one, another option is to search for your dress at thrift stores, consignment shops, at online auctions and through the classifieds of your local newspapers. Many times, these dresses have never even been worn, and if they have, it’s usually only been once. Of course, if you want a truly unique dress, vintage clothing shops offer choices that have not been seen for decades.

If you are adept at sewing, or know someone who is (think early wedding gift), then any of the cheaper off-the-rack dresses can always be altered to fit your taste as well as your size. If you can find a dress that has the basic shape that you want, embellishments such as pearls around the neckline, or a longer train can always be added on.

Every woman has, at least once, drawn up or cut out a magazine picture of her dream wedding gown. Finding a cheap wedding dress does not have to be about compromising on your vision, just on the way you go about achieving it.

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