Chickfest Festival in Pittsburg

Chick Fest Festival In Pittsburg Tx

Every year here in Pittsburg, Tx we always have a festival around mid September that is called the Chick Fest since this is where Bo Pilgrim lives and it is a lot of chicken farms around here. The event is mainly held on Friday and Saturday nights in downtown Pittsburg. They block off the streets of the town with construction signs, they set up a big stage and normally have a local band playing. On Friday and Saturday nights they normally have a street dance which goes on until Midnight. They have a parade on Saturday morning. They also have all kinds of vendor booths and games and stuff to play they have even added little kid rides. Some of the stuff up there to do is to go around and hang out with your friends, just walk around and taste the different food, have fun with your family and just have a good time.

When I go up there I normally try to stay the whole day if possible. It is a lot of fun. They sometimes even have country western shows on the courthouse lawn. There are lots of cops there for safety purposes in case something happens because people are everywhere. They have a small kids carnival but it only has rides for little kids, big people can not fit on that stuff because we are too big. Funnel cakes and etc are kind of high but since that is the only place you can get them around here nobody doesn’t mind on paying like 4.00 or 5.00 for one. Mr. Bo Pilgrim always rides in the parade with his famous chicken statue Henryietta. It is a lot of fun and normally you run into people up there you haven’t seen in ages because people come from all over for this festival. I know as I grow older I am always going to try to come home to Pittsburg at the time of this festival because all of my friends and stuff will be there and it will be like a reunion or something. There are some great memories up there I remember one year I went to the chick fest with my little brother, and it was the first year that they had rides, and he talked me into getting on this yellow ride with him that went up in the sky. It was a chore for him because I am really scared of heights and I was scared to death and he was laughing his butt off but we did have fun in the long run and we ended up spending all day together and we really got sunburned real bad. But we had a great time together and only if it could happen again I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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