Common Fixes for Door Troubles

Fixing your door problems often requires hiring a handyman service or contractor to make the repairs. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on hiring a repairperson to repair your troublesome door. Whether it’s too tight in the frame or too loose, use these common fixes for your door troubles and save big on costly door repairs.

Sticking Door Edge

When a door rubs against the frame, it can be tough to close and open correctly. This can be caused by the house settling or improper installation. To solve this common door dilemma, you’ll need to scribe the part of the door that sticks and trim off the excess. Close the door as tight as you can and use a pencil to scribe the edge of the door. Place your thumb on the door frame and use the pencil to make an even scribe mark down its length.

Now use a belt sander to remove the excess door material. In some cases a small wood plane may be used to remove the excess part of the door that rubs. In extreme cases, a circular saw may be needed.

Rubbing Threshold

When the bottom of a door rubs against the ground, you can bet that a new flooring material was added and the door was never adjusted. This common door problem can be easily fixed by removing the door and cutting the bottom.

Take the door off the hinge pins and place on a pair of sturdy sawhorses. You’ll need to place an old towel on top of the sawhorses to prevent the door from scratching when being cut. Using a pencil to scribe an even amount of material on the bottom of the door. Use a level or other straightedge to transfer the scribe to both sides of the door. Using a razor knife, scribe the pencil mark. This will prevent the door veneer from splintering during the cut. Set a circular saw to the correct depth, and then cut below the scribe mark. Install the door and check the swing.

Loose When Closed

If a door rattles in place when it’s closed, it’s because the striker plate needs to be adjusted. Using a small standard screwdriver, pull the inside striker plate adjustment bar towards the door swing. Close the door and test for rattling. If it still rattles, pull the striker adjustment bar further out. If the door doesn’t close, push the adjustment plate back.

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