Custom Computer Monitor Accessory Craft Project

Ok, this craft project is for anyone who has gone vintage crazy. I see plain boring computer monitors all the time. They are crying out for a great accessory to wake them up. So, if you are sick of looking at a bland plastic computer monitor this vintage frame craft project should do a couple things for you. First, it will cover your computer monitor front, carry on a vintage look in you office or home, and finally let you descend into a world where you finally just acknowledge your love of all things vintage regardless of what others say! My inspiration came from the yellow vintage picture frame on the door of Monica’s apartment in the show Friends. Hopefully that will give you a visual of what this vintage computer monitor frame accessory looks like.

To Make a Vintage Computer Monitor Frame Accessory You Will Need:

Picture Frame Molding or Crown Molding (About 5 feet)
Miter saw
Miter Box
3″ Paint brush
Gel Wood Stain
Velcro (The kind with a sticky back, about 5 feet)
Staple Gun
Long Toothed Staples

The first step in this unusual vintage craft project for your computer monitor is to cut your wood to size. You need to measure your computer monitor before you make this accessory. Use these measurements to mark off your crown molding to cut a frame to fit over the front of your computer monitor.

Lay your crown molding face down on a flat stable work surface. If you computer is 15’X15″ you will want to measure your wood to exactly 15″. Lay the crown molding in your miter box. Use your hand saw to cut each end of the 4 pieces of wood at a 45 degree angle. The outer part of your wood should measure 15 inches.

Complete cutting all four pieces of wood based on your measurements. Now you are ready to assemble your vintage computer monitor accessory. Lay your cut crown molding face down on your work surface. You may need a friend to hold the corners of the vintage frame together. Place your staple gun with one tooth of the staple on each piece of wood. Fire away. I recommend doing about three staples in each corner of the computer monitor frame. This will ensure stability. Complete this process on all four corners.

Turn the computer monitor frame over. You may find that your mitered edges do not line up perfectly. This is common for people working with wood for the first time. Use wood filler or putty to fill in any large gaps. Dab it into the cracks with your fingers. Wipe the wood putty off with a damp song.

This is the fun part of the craft project. You can now paint your wooden frame computer monitor frame to match you vintage or shabby chic dÃ?©cor. The whole point of this accessory is to add a little fun to your computer. Start by priming out the frame. Once this has dried apply paint in any color you desire. Once the paint has dried you can antique the frame by rubbing gel stain on it with an old t-shirt. Other great additions would be to add vintage buttons on with hot glue. You could even embellish with antique gold looking glitter. Another option would be to decoupage the computer cozy with vintage fabric. If you can’t find vintage fabric buy some cute vintage inspired scrapbook paper at the local craft store. Once it has dried use the wood gel stain to antique it like you would paint.

Once all of your vintage embellishments and paint has dried you are ready to install the computer monitor frame. Lay you wooden frame face down again on your work surface. Cut your Velcro to size and apply the smooth side of the Velcro to your frame. A good trick here would be to leave the Velcro pieces attached to each other. Cut each side together to get even piece. Pull the back off and reveal the adhesive part of the Velcro. First attach the Velcro to your frame, then Press your cozy into the front of your monitor.

Using Velcro in this project s a good idea because it allows you to change out your Vintage computer accessory if you want a new look. You can remove the Velcro from this craft project if you tire of this look. Once you have pulled off the Velcro, use alcohol to remove the sticky residue.

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