DIY Doggy Doo Scoop

Taking your dog for a walk is great exercise for you and your pooch. The farther you walk the better for both of you. A dog needs to go for walks to help keep there digestive system working properly. It’s also good for a human’s digestive system to go for a walk. When you take your dog for a walk you need to worry about waste disposal. You don’t want to leave any doggy doo doo around for someone else to step in so you need to pick up anything your dog may leave behind. In this day and age it is polite to pick up after you pet and in some places it is the law.

It is wise to have a scoop of some kind along on your walk to take care of the nasty business. You can purchase a pooper scooper made just for this purpose or you can easily make a scoop of your own for the job.

Here is an easy inexpensive scoop you can make to pick up any nasty things that may be left behind on your walk with your dog. All you need is a plastic jug and something that will cut the jug like a shape knife or a scissors. Then take and cut away the jug at an angle so that the handle of the jug it at the top and the angle goes away from the handle as it goes down. The idea is not cut the jug into a scoop.

You can make the scoop to fit the size of your dog. For a small dog a half gallon size jug will work well and a bigger pet may be more suited for a gallon size jug. The bigger your dog is the bigger you scoop should be.

One of the best things about this scoop is that is it disposable. After you no longer want to use it you can just toss it out and make another one. It doesn’t take much time to make and it is worth the time it does take.

These scoops are light weight and easy to carry. They are very inexpensive and disposable for your convenience. If you like to travel with your pet they are invaluable to have along on your journey. You can put the scoop in a plastic bag for storage in your vehicle until you want to use it.

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