Destiny’s Child a Group Worth Remembering!

Even though Destiny’s Child is no longer together, there songs are still played frequently on most radio stations. Although Destiny’s Child has changed over the course of the years, they still have number one hits. Group members Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams, have really made the real Destiny’s Child shine. Even their outfits are unique.

Tina Knowles has been the designer behind all of Destiny’s Child’s clothing for years, and she now has her own clothing line that she and Beyonce Knowles have produced together. One thing that many women love about this group is that they show you it is ok to have big hips and thighs. They also have always handled themselves in a very professional way, even when their name was being dragged through the mud; they refused to ever say anything negative.

One of their first hits was “Bills, Bills, Bills”. The video for this song was very simple, and had no big dance number like some of their later work. This was however when their group had four members. Only Beyonce and Kelly were a part of the group of that time. The song “No, No, No” was also another hit that help to start off this group’s career. Any who can forget the song “Say My Name”. This was when the group had gone through their first change and when Michelle was added to the group. As the group continued to mature so did their music.

When everyone thought that they would quit and give up they released yet another album. But this time they made it clear that the three remaining members, Beyonce, Michelle, and Kelly were to be permanently known as Destiny’s Child. To show the world and critics that they could defeat the odds and still succeed in the music industry they came out with “Survivor”. This song instantly skyrocketed to number one on the charts. It gained even more attention when the music video came out.

The theme for this particular video showed all three girls struggling their way through the jungle, and showing that they could survive. This is when many people began to realize that they meant business. Some more of their songs that became hits the minute they were released are: “Bootylicious”, “Independent Women Part I”, “Jumpin, Jumpin”, “Nasty Girl”, “Lose My Breath”, and “Soldier”. The song “Lose My Breath” was one of their more recent songs and show how diverse these singers can be. Not just in their vocals but also in their dancing skills. They also performed this song live on Opera and as usual they gave one of the best performances that I have ever seen.

But who could forget when they came out with the song “Emotions”. This is where everyone got to see how much range all of their voices truly have. I’m not sure which their fans enjoy more, the ballads or the booty shaking songs. Regardless of what song they choose to sing they always put on a phenomenal show. The music world was very sad to learn that they would be pursing solo careers and no longer performing together as a group.

They did have a farewell tour where fans got to hear all of their favorite songs performed live just one more time. While each of them is currently pursuing very successful careers on their own, I am sure that at some point there will be a reunion album done. Despite all of the drama that this group had been through all of their years together, they should be commended for not giving up and rising to the top.

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