Dressing to Look Slimmer

Sometimes it seems like getting dressed is an art form, and dressing yourself to look slimmer definitely adheres to that idea. Every style, pattern, color and silhouette you put on your body will make it look a different way, and chances are you want to look slim, trim and put together. Here are a few basic do’s and don’ts to keep in mind on your next shopping trip.

Don’t wear large clothing thinking it will hide bulges. This is backwards thinking because larger clothing only adds excess width to your frame. Instead, find clothing pieces that skim your body and hug your curves, without being overly tight. Go for a baby doll top instead of an one size fits all T-shirt, and try a pair of curvy flared jeans instead of wide leg ones.

Do choose a dress or top with rouching. If you’re not familiar with the term, rouching is a garment has a series of small gathers, usually along the side seams. This look is extremely flattering because it masks any flaws and accentuates curves. It’s a great thing to look for when choosing an evening gown, especially.

be afraid of supportive undergarments. Sure, some of it might look slightly grandma like, but it can make a world of difference underneath your clothing. Choosing a bra that extends towards your waist eliminates back rolls caused by regular bra’s cutting off at the wrong place. This can also work for your bottom half, with a garment such as Power Panties by Spanx. These hold in your tummy, and extend towards the knees to slim the thighs and backside, for a smooth look when wearing your favorite pair of slacks.

wear patterns, just make sure to stick to the most flattering patterns. For example, clothing pieces with chevron patterns (the V shaped patterns, often used by designer Zac Posen) are ultra slimming. This type of pattern may be hard to come by, but it’s worth the look. If all else fails, stick to the basic pinstripes; it gives a similar effect to vertical stripes, but is always in style.

Don’t assume that an a-line skirt or dress is the best choice for a full figure. Many full figured women actually look best in a pencil skirt, which doesn’t add unneeded width to your shape.

Do splurge on a pair of butt lifting jeans. Most women know how hard it can be to find jeans that fit right, especially when it comes to the backside. The last thing you want is a pair of jeans that flatten your buttocks, or worse, make them look bigger. Premium denim lines such as Paige and Blue Cult have butt lifting technologies built right in. But they don’t come cheap; most will cost between $150 and $200.

Don’t choose a pair of bottoms with pleating. You know, those slacks, and sometimes even shorts, with two or three tucks right underneath the waistband to add extra room in the front. It might sound like a good idea on paper, but in reality if you wear these and you have no stomach, it will only make you appear to have a bit of a pooch. And if you do have a stomach, these pants will only accentuate it. Instead, choose a pair of flat fronted slacks that sits lightly lower on the hips, right below the belly button; the waistband will act as a control garment and suck in that extra bit tummy that you might have.

Do wear an empire style evening gown if you don’t have a waist. Not only are empire dresses classic and feminine, but they are also very forgiving, especially in the abdominal area. Instead of putting an emphasis on your waist, this style emphasizes the bust, shoulders and neck.

Don’t go for a double breasted jacket. This is one of the biggest fashion no no’s, because the overlapping fabric only makes your stomach look thicker than it is. Stick to a sleek, tailored blazer or jacket, which hugs everything in nicely.

Do buy garment’s with princess seams. Princess seams are the ones that run over the bust on both sides and down to the hemline. Any piece of clothing with this type of detailing on it creates that sleek look mentioned earlier. It also draws the eye from top to bottom, instead of side to side, which makes you appear larger.

Do choose a swimsuit with a low cut, bikini style bottom. It may be tempting to lean towards boy short bottoms, but this cut is less flattering than most realize. And most of all, stay away high cut swimsuits; this style shortens the torso and has been known to create saddle bags where they didn’t exist previously.

Don’t wear cropped pants, no matter how warm the weather is. Crops are the ultimate enemy of short legs; by cutting the leg off above the ankle they simply make the legs look shorter and often thicker. Instead opt for long pants or short shorts, which make the leg appear longer.

Do wear a sexy, strappy pair of high heeled sandals. A heel always makes the calves look more toned, and the added height makes one look leaner. The more bare the sandal is, or if the shoe has a pointed toe, adds to it’s lengthening abilities. However, make sure to stay away from any pair that buckles around the ankles; these shoes make calves look shorter, thicker and more muscular in an unpleasant way.

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