Review of 2006 Score Football Cards

Score’s basic card set is made for the collector who does not have a lot of extra money to spend on cards. Score is one of the top sets that sell in packs at retail stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or any other store like that. Packs sell for about a dollar a piece, while 36 pack boxes can be found for under $25. Each pack contains 7 cards.

Each pack contains a rookie card, a glossy parallel version of a base card, and 5 cards of NFL veterans. That means that every box contains 36 rookie cards and 36 glossy parallel cards. Each box of 2006 Score Football Cards, on average, also contains 3 Scorecard inserts and 3 Gold Zone inserts. There is also an insert parallel card set called Hot Rookies which is inserted 1 out of every 10 packs on average.

The basic 2006 Score Football set has 385 cards. The first 330 cards are of current NFL veterans such as Tom Brady, Brett Favre, and Hines Ward. The other 55 cards are of the top rookies for the 2006 season. Some of the rookies included in the set are Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, and Jay Cutler.

Every card in 2006 Score Football’s 385 card set, veterans and rookies, has a glossy parallel version. The glossy parallel version has a much shinier surface which makes it easy to tell apart from the regular cards.

The Scorecard inserts are parallel versions of the base cards. Scorecard inserts are sequentially numbered to 750 or less.

The Gold Zone inserts are a parallel to the base cards which are printed on double rainbow film board with gold foil. The Gold Zone inserts are sequentially numbered to 600 or less.

Red Zone insert cards are similar parallels and are sequentially numbered to 120 or less.

End Zone insert cards are another parallel version and are sequentially numbered to 6 or less.

Artist’s Proof, yet another parallel version of the base, are sequentially numbered to 32 or less.

Inscriptions are the autograph set in 2006 Score Football. They are sequentially numbered to 1,000 or less.

The Hot Rookies insert is a parallel to the base rookie cards. There is also a glossy version of the Hot Rookies parallel.
The Hot Rookies insert has all of the following, similar parallel versions:
Hot Rookies Scorecard
Hot Rookies Gold Zone
Hot Rookies Red Zone
Hot Rookies End Zone
Hot Rookies Artist’s Proof
Hot Rookies Inscriptions

The Hot Rookies Inscriptions are probably the most sought after cards in 2006 Score Football. Do not go out trying to get one though because they are inserted only 1 out of every 52,616 packs. 2006 Score Football is a great product if you have some spare change and are looking to bust open some packs. If you are looking to pull some high-dollar cards, then this is probably not the set for you. 2006 Score Football is a cheap, fun set that is great for kids or other beginning collectors.

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