Review of Merrell Women’s Sporty Bahia Thong Summer Sandal

The Merrell women’s sporty Bahia summer thong sandal is comfortable, durable, antibacterial, built with special sticky rubber sole, air cushion, and foot-aligning technology, all for approximately $49.99 in most stores.

The Merrell women’s Bahia summer sandal is, quite honestly, probably the most comfortable sandal I’ve ever worn, not counting my other pair of Merrell sandals of a discontinued brand. I have a problem with the blood flow to the joints in my feet known as avascular necrosis, causing my feet to swell in hot weather and enclosed spaces, as well as when I walk too much in unsupported or heavy shoes. The Merrell women’s Bahia thong sandal is entirely open except for the reinforced support arcing out from its thong, allowing my feet to retain a normal temperature and alleviating the aching pain I feel when they swell. There is a concealed compression molded EVA wedge in the heel built with Merrell Integrated Air CushionÃ?® technology, which allows the sandals to make you feel like as if you’re literally walking on air, and is apparently thus innovative and successful enough to copyright.

With a weight of only 11 ounces, the Bahia sandals put hardly any strain on the foot, despite relying on the thong between the toes to pull support the entire sandal with each step. The thong post itself is rounded, allowing the wearer to avoid uncomfortable chafing and/or blisters where the toes rub against it.

The Merrell women’s Bahia thong sandal is different from other flip-flops in that it offers more traction than most. Its sole is comprised of Merrell’s Pacific(TM) Sticky Rubber, again apparently creative and useful enough to trademark. Despite my flippant take on the corporatized names of the materials used in each shoe, I have found the Merrell Bahia sandal to handle extremely well on all sorts of terrain, even when wet. Since the Bahia thongs are made of faux nubuck (leather, I was pleased to discover) and covered with an antibacterial coating to prevent odor or filth from accumulating, they are durable as well as comfortable. In addition, each Bahia thong sandal is imprinted with a colorful argyle, layered type of pattern on its base, making not wearing the sandals just as attractive (how supremely thoughtful!) But seriously, argyle? It takes me back, back to the days when I wasn’t born yet, and also makes the shoes look a whole lot cooler.

The Merrell women’s sporty Bahia summer sandal comes in an array of vivid colors sure to satisfy even the most discerning cones and rods, including pink, black, bio green, green/blue, light blue, red/white, white, pink/green/white, white/orange/blue, white/grey, white/yellow, turquoise, orange, lavender, navy, and dark brown.

Best of all, the Merrell Bahia thong sandal is built with foot-aligning Q-form technology, which allows it to adjust to the shape of your foot automatically. A more comfortable, durable shoe for the price? Maybe in 3006.

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