Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Cenetrs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offer some of the best patient care in the world. The city of Philadelphia offers a variety of substance abuse rehabilitation services and a large number of centers to choose from. It is important to choose a rehabilitation center that can help you achieve your goals of a substance free lifestyle. Deciding which treatment center is best suited for your personal needs can be as difficult as the decision to get help. When choosing a substance abuse rehabilitation center it is important to keep in mind a few key factors. The focus of the center, the services provided, types of treatment (in-patient and out-patient), as well as any special services provided by the center. Some substance abuse rehabilitation centers offer a special focus on adolescent aged patients, HIV/AIDS patients, on women patients, and individuals with a combination of mental illness as well as drug abuse problems. Keeping these details in mind can help you quickly choose a substance abuse rehabilitation center in Philadelphia that suits your personal needs.

Achievement Through Counseling and Treatment is an outpatient substance abuse rehabilitating center in Philadelphia. They offer their patients a focus on mental health services as well as substance abuse treatment. Specifically, Achievement Through Counseling and Treatment provides drug addiction treatment, drug treatment, drug recovery, substance abuse treatment, and methadone maintenance. Methadone maintenance is not widely offered at other substance abuse rehabilitation centers. Achievement Through Counseling and Treatment specializes in patients who have HIV/AIDS and female patients. They are located at 1745 North 4th street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19122. Although Achievement Through Counseling and Treatment does not have a web site, more information can be gathered by contacting them directly at (215) 236-0100.

Addiction Medicine and Health: Advocates Inc., also known, as AMHA is specifically a drug rehabilitation center. Alcohol rehabilitation services are not provided at this location. Addiction Medicine and Health focuses on drug treatment services, drug rehabilitation, and drug detoxification. Specializing in the rehabilitation of women with drug addictions, they offer a variety of substance abuse services such as drug detoxification, rehabilitating, drug rehabilitating, drug treatment services, as well as methadone maintenance. AMHA is located at 1200 Walnut Street, 2nd floor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107. AMHA can be contacted at (215) 545-8078 ext. 105 and ext. 101.

Beacon House is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that offers their patients long-term rehabilitation services, thirty or more days, and outpatient treatment services. Whether or not a substance abuse rehabilitation facility can offer inpatient or outpatient service can be a deciding factor for which center is best suited to your individual substance abuse needs. Specifically Beacon House focuses their clinic on drug addiction treatment, alcohol rehabilitation, drug abuse treatment, and alcohol treatment services. They specialize in the care of women recovering from alcohol or drug abuse. They are equipped to care for pregnant women as well as post partum women who need substance abuse treatment. Beacon House is located at 100 east Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19125. Beacon House can be contacted directly at (215) 707-0001.

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