Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Boston

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can be found throughout the Boston, Massachusetts’s area. While choosing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center suited to your individual needs may take some time, there are a few important details to look for when choosing a facility. Take the time to find out what the focus of the rehabilitation center is? Drug addiction treatment, drug detoxification, drug rehabilitation, substance abuse treatment, and alcohol detoxification are some of the more common focuses of most substance abuse rehabilitation centers. Then, you should find out what services they provide. Do they provide alcohol and drug services or only one or the other? Next, you should research whether they offer any special services, such as a focus on senior citizens or HIV/AIDS patients. After establishing all that information finish by determining whether they provide outpatient or in patient services. Some facilities may provide both. With this research accomplished you are now ready to make an educated decision on the substance abuse facility that can work for you.

After Care Services Inc. is an alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation center located in Boston, Massachusetts. Treatment at After Care Services Inc. is given on an outpatient basis. No inpatient care is provided at their facility. Patients are offered services at the center that include drug rehabilitation, drug abuse treatment, rehabilitation, as well as alcohol treatment. During treatment patients undergo medical care for mental health as well as their substance abuse problems. After Care Services Inc. specializes in the dual treatment of mental well-being and substance abuse treatment. Mental health often deteriorates with drug and alcohol abuse, making treatment of the two a natural pairing. After Care Service Inc. is located at 1-A Monmouth Square, Boston, and Massachusetts, 02128. They can be reach directly at (617) 569-4561 for immediate help and to discus patient care options.

Boston Addiction and Substance: Abuse Programs Inc. is a substance abuse facility that cares for drug abuse as well as alcohol abuse. Patients are treated on an outpatient basis, allowing them to continue their daily lives while they receive treatment for their substance abuse. Boston Addiction and Substance specializes in DUI/DWI offenders and patients with co-occurring mental disorders and abuse issues. Specific serves provided by Boston Addiction and Substance include drug recovery, rehabilitation, alcohol rehabilitation, and drug addiction treatment. They are located at 30 Winter Street, 3rd floor, Boston, Massachusetts, 02108. To contact the center directly call them at (617) 485-5292.

Boston Hamilton House Inc., also known as the Hamilton Recovery Home) is a drug and alcohol substance abuse center that offers a halfway home for their patients. Patients can take advantage of the halfway house to continue to receive the residential long-term care they may need to become and continue to stay drug and alcohol free. Alcohol rehabilitation, drug abuse treatment, and drug rehabilitation are treatment services provided at this facility. An unusual focus at Boston Hamilton House Inc. is their special interest in the treatment of men. While quite a few rehabilitation centers specialize in treatment of women or children, this is one of the few rehabilitation centers that specializes in the care of male patients. Boston Hamilton House Inc. is located at 25 Mount Ida Road, Boston, and Massachusetts, 02122. For more information on their substance abuse center contact them directly at (617) 288-1584 or (617) 288-1585.

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