Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in San Fransisco, CA

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can be quickly found in San Francisco, California. When choosing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center in San Francisco it is important to keep some specific needs at the top of your list. Begin by learning what the focus of the center is. Drug addiction treatment, drug detoxification, drug rehabilitation, substance abuse treatment, and alcohol detoxification are offered the main focus of most centers. Secondly, you should find out what type of rehabilitation services are provided. Meaning, do they provide alcohol and drug services or only one. Establish whether treatment is given on an outpatient basis or in patient basis. Finally, you should research whether special services, such as a focus on women or children patients. Following these begging steps should help clear the way to making a decision for the substance abuse rehabilitation center in San Francisco, California that will meet all of your specific needs.

Baker Places: 4th Avenue House/ Detox House is a substance abuse rehabilitation center locate din San Francisco, California. Baker Places focuses their rehabilitation efforts on a combination of mental health services and substance abuse services. Patients will find a variety of treatments including rehab, alcohol treatment, drug detox, alcohol rehabilitation, and alcohol detoxification. Bake Place provides residential short-term treatment to their patients. This is a thirty-day or less period that patients may remain at Baker Places rehabilitation center. Baker Places specializes in the treatment of individuals with AIDS/HIV as well as individuals who have co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders. They are located at 1326 4th Avenue, San Francisco, California, 94122. More information about their facilities and treatments can be found online at www.bakerplaces.org. Baker Places can also be reached via the telephone at (415) 664-1868.

Bayview Hunters Point Foundation: Substance Abuse Programs is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. Primarily they focus on Alcohol rehab, substance abuse treatment, drug abuse treatment, and drug recovery services. In addition to these services, Bayview Hunters Point Foundation also offers Methadone Maintenance and Methadone detoxification. Patients at this rehabilitation facility are treated on an outpatient basis. No inpatient services are available. Bayview Hunters Point Foundation is located at 1625 Carroll Street, San Francisco, California, 94124. For more information on their Methadone Maintenance service or any of their other treatments contact them directly at (415) 822-8200 ext. 12.

Child Youth and Family Division of Westside Community Mental Health Center is a rehabilitation center that specializes tin the treatment of adolescents with substance abuse disorders. They provide age appropriate services that include drug detox, alcohol rehab drug addiction treatment, and substance abuse treatment. Patients are treated on an outpatient basis, allowing their younger patients the opportunity to stay with their family while they receive treatment. Their staff offers Spanish as second language to assist in the treatment of their patients. Child Youth and Family Division of Westside Community Mental Health Center is located at 1140 Oak Street, San Francisco, California, 94117. For more information contact them directly at (415) 431-8252 ext.511 or online at www.westsidementalhealth.citysearch.com.

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