Danny’s Sensible Suggestions

Adapted from an American Cancer Society’s article.

Danny says:
mile by mile, it’s a trial
yard by yard, it’s hard
but hey! inch by inch, it’s a cinch

Remember: If you get into the woods a mile, it will take you the same time to get out!



[Instructions: Refer to this list in times of stress; see if you can use one or more of these reminders, or select others that work for you.]

Choose How to Spend Your Time/Energy

Set priorities; Danny says don’t sweat the small stuff!
take time out when needed
Build Your Strength and Endurance exercise, physical activity
good nutrition

Create a Supportive Environment go online, seek out support groups
Danny says, “No one lives in your head rent-free; evict unproductive squatters
get rid of clutter
surround yourself with what you like – art, music, furnishings

Learn to Relax at Will, deep breathing
massage, warm baths, back rubs
progressive relaxation

Manage Your “Self-Talk” if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
choose to think positively
translate worry into action
mentally rehearse positive outcomes to stressful situations
learn to turn off the inner critic

Learn to Laugh look for the humorous side of situations; easy does it!
seek out sources of humor – books, movies, people
Practice Saying “No”
let someone else do it
save your strength for the really important things

Ask for Help you don’t have to do it all yourself
when in doubt, delegate! “give away” some problems and tasks
Pay Attention to the small, daily pleasures of life
to the present, fleeting moment; live for today as Jesus said (Matt. 6:34)

Take the Long View how important will this crisis be one year from now?
what were you worried about one year ago?
what is really important to you?

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